Usborne Books & More Top 10 review for my book loving readers. Usborne Books & More are amazing and I am so excited to share with you! As a mom of 3 little guys the days are SO LONG sometimes and I find myself wanting to rush through the night time routine so I can have those sweet minutes (and sometimes it is only a few minutes) before I pass out or have a few minutes to myself.  But one part of our nighttime routine that I just cannot rush through is reading.  

Usborne Books & More Top 10

We have absolutely enjoyed learning about and reading from Usborne Books & More.  The quality of the pages, the detail of the stories, the fun and new content is a hit in our house and we teamed up with consultant Jessica Fowler to bring a Usborne Books & More Top 10 List.

Usborne Books & More Top 10

Nibbles: The Book Monster

Usborne Books & More Top 10

Nibbles is on the loose, and he’s chomping and tearing through all of your favorite fairy tales! Readers will find nibbled holes and tears in this laugh-out-loud hysterically written book. My boys have read this book almost nightly for years and still laugh every single time.

Busy Car Book

Usborne Books & More Top 10

If my kids had to pick just 1 Usborne book the Busy Car Book would be it. They think it’s amazing to watch the little red car zoom through the pages and around various parts of cities and towns.

Muddle & Match

Usborne Books & More Top 10

Muddle & Match makes it so fun to mix and muddle your typical farm animal bodies. My kids think it’s so funny to see who can make the craziest combination of animal body parts.

Alfie & Bet’s ABC

Usborne Books & More Top 10

Alfie and Bet are on a quest to figure out which letter they like best and each page brins colorful pop ups that are sure to please all ages. As a mom of a soon to be Kindergartener this book makes it fun to learn the alphabet.

Bear Needs Glasses

Usborne Books & More Top 10

Little Bear Needs Glasses and his friends glasses just do not fit the right way. Your readers will love helping Little Bear pick out the pair that are “just right” for him using the 5 repositionable, reusable stickers. The use of stickers in this book adds additional fun to an already enjoyable story.

Look Inside Your Body

Usborne Books & More Top 10

Look Inside Your Body is a great book to learn more about your body parts through flaps and great illustrations. For a inquisitive learner or teaching your little one various body parts, its a great book all around!

Secrets of the Apple Tree

Usborne Books & More Top 10

Shine a flashlight behind the page or hold it to the light to reveal what is hidden in and around different places and things in this Secrets of The Apple Tree. Flashlights are a crowd pleaser at my house and a way to make reading even more fun.

The Dinosaur Who Lost His Roar

Usborne Books & More Top 10

Do you have a dinosaur lover in your life? If so, include Sid in your home library with The Dinosaur Who Lost His Roar. The pages are beautiful and its a great story about a dinosaur who loses his roar.

That’s Not My Elephant

Usborne Books & More Top 10

The Thats Not My series is my mom favorite as I have watched my 3 kids love this book across multiple developmental stages. The pages are colorful and textured to include even the tiniest of reader. My oldest loves to read this book to his baby brother and feels so accomplished because he can read it all by himself.

What is Poop?

Usborne Books & More Top 10

What is Poop? is the first title in the series that introduces young children to bodily functions, taking the “shame” away through a very funny flap book! My boys are potty humored obsessed and a book with the word poop in it will be a Smith boy favorite for quite a while.

If you are interested in ordering any Usborne Books & More, see the available titles here in the Usborne Books & More Top 10 in Jess’s Bookshop. Follow along on Jessica’s Instagram too!

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27 thoughts on “Usborne Books & More Top 10

  1. I had just learned of these books right before Christmas, made the perfect stocking stuffers for my son. And the books are so fun and interactive.

  2. Such a fun list! I have some of the books for pre-k class and I’ll definitely check out the Nibbles, the Book Monster and What is Poop!

  3. I love how interactive these books are. I love a great story but it’s even more fun when the kids can interact!

  4. We have just recently gotten into Usborne. We have the look inside your body! I can’t wait to be able to stock up some more and grab some of the ones you listed!

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