Here are a few tips for successful workouts at home to keep you motivated, engaged, and active even for the busiest of schedules.

I stopped working out at Pure Barre when I found out I was pregnant with our third baby to save money and started working out at home. It came with positives and challenges and I have learned a lot over the last year and a half of working out at home and hope these tips for successful workouts at home help you too!

tips for successful workouts at home

1. Find a designated work out space.

It doesn’t have to be a fancy at home gym but having a designated space in your home that is your work out space will help. I use my master bedroom where we have a open area by a large mirror. The mirror helps me stay in good form and focused throughout the workout. I keep my hand weights, yoga mat, and ball under my bed for ease.

tips for succesful workouts ath ome

2. Set a schedule.

Just like you would find a schedule for working out in a gym or at a studio, having a schedule for successful workouts at home is key. Set a reasonable goal in terms of days of week and when the workout will happen. Are you going to wake up early and workout, while kids are at school, during nap time, or in the evening? Experiment with a good schedule for you and when you find a day/time that works for you, stick to it!

tips for successful workouts at home

3. Remove distractions.

Do not try to work out in a room where the TV is on or kids are playing where you will be tempted to stop or half pay attention. Put your phone in another room and ignore the texts/emails until after your workout is done.

If you are working on trying to achieving your fitness goals, check out some tips here.

Do you work out at home? What helps you be successful?

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50 thoughts on “Tips for successful workouts at home

  1. Thank you for sharing! I need some fitspiration in my life. Have a wonderful week babe xo

  2. I love working out at home, but I find I’m more motivated when I’m at the gym – especially since I work out with my husband there. However, one of the few apps that actually helped me was the SWEAT app by Kayla Itsines. It helped me keep to a schedule – and monitored my water intake, diet, etc.!

    1. I am too 100%. I love the social aspect and it’s so much more fun. With 3 little guys at home right now I’m making it work but can’t wait to get back to a studio.

  3. Setting a schedule is so important. I need to get back into a morning schedule for workouts. With the kids at home with me sometimes I get too distracted.

    1. It’s so easy to get distracted! My brain 🧠 is like “but there’s laundry, dishes, the kids are punching each other” 🤣

  4. These are really great tips! I’ve recently started working out at home and I have to do all the things you mentioned here! Especially setting a schedule.

  5. These are great tips! I work out at home in an effort to save money and I find it to be a nice way for me to fit fitness into my life.

  6. This was really encouraging! I don’t go to the gym anymore and find it difficult to motivate myself to do anything at home!

    1. It’s hard. I love working out and being at home is it’s own beast. It makes it so much easier to skip!

  7. Great tips! I will say though that I tend to feel more motivated when I’m at my yoga studio but I’m lucky that I have a free gym in my apartment that all residents can use so I don’t have to go far (just downstairs) to get a workout in!

  8. These are great tips! Right now it works out that I go to a gym with a great daycare, and I get some alone time away from my toddlers. Once they are older though, it will defnitiely get easier to get my homw workout in,

  9. Girllll BeachBody Programs are my jam!! I love them 💕 One that my hubby & I have been doing is “Mes de Más”! It’s such a good workout, and I love that it can be watched in Spanish (I love practicing my bilingual skills) Gracias for this amazing share!
    Xx, Morgs*

    1. THats so awesome! I need to do Spanish ones, I think I may have forgotten so much from my study abroad days in Spain!

  10. These are some awesome tips! These will come in handy with two little ones at home thanks.

  11. Very helpful tips, it is something i need to work on with the kids schedule and life as a whole 😊.

  12. I love your tips! I really need to be better about setting a schedule so that I prioritize it and have some consistency.

  13. Having a dedicated space is so helpful! There are so many great bodyweight exercises so bulky equipment isn’t always necessary for great results. Just need space for my yoga mat and I’m good!

  14. I have always love working at home. It’s really important to have a very nice working space and a quite environment where you can comfortable work. These are great tips that are worth sharing!

  15. This is really helpful Erin! For me the biggest challenge is continuacy and persistancy and your tips definitelly help to put things in perspectives! Thank you Erin!

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