It is never too late to start a new holiday tradition. Instead of spending countless hours worrying about what toy will bring your child joy, or planning the next location of your Elf on the Shelf, instead find it in your heart to purchase The Giving Sack and make the world a better and kinder place to be.

The Giving Sack

The message is simple – there are others who may not be as fortunate so you will fill the sack and sit on your porch for Santa to come and gather before taking back to the North Pole to repair and deliver to others. It encourages your children to find value and meaning on helping others. The Giving Sack is the perfect conversation starter for children and adults alike.

How can you participate?

  • Before the holiday season read the story with your child, and give them the enclosed sack.
  • Allow them to fill it with whatever toys they deem fit for donation.
  • Secure sack and place it outside.
  • Once your child is peacefully asleep, checkout the donation sack to ensure the toys are gently used and suitable for donation. Discard unfit toys, clean up fit toys and place them back in the sack or in a separate bag for the actual donation.
  • Drop off the sack/bag at any local donation center.
  • Hide the sack away for next year.
  • Praise your child for their generosity and have them share their experience with others.

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15 thoughts on “The Giving Sack: A book with a new holiday tradition

  1. What a great thing to do each year with a child any age! We will have to incorporate this into our household, along with one of the girls’ fav traditions of decorating sugar cookies!

  2. I love this. We do something similar already, but not is cool sounding as this 🙂 as you know, my dad was also social worker and I grew up having my Christmas funded by local churches or the angel tree. It definitely humbled me. That’s not to say that I don’t spoil my kids for birthdays and Christmas (Kind of give them that magic feeling on Christmas morning that I rarely got)—but I strive very hard to not go overboard and forget the meaning behind the holiday. I think this is just awesome 🙂

    1. I adore you but you already know that ❤️ you are doing a phenomenal job mama!

  3. We love just spending time with family on Christmas Eve and looking at Christmas lights in our pajamas!

    1. Christmas lights in Pjs is a great idea! Last year we started a new tradition with our extended family to wear Christmas pjs during our annual brunch on Christmas Day. Made it so much easier to get ready and so much more festive!

  4. Love this! Going to order now. Currently we do matching pajamas as a tradition, going out and looking at christmas lights, and making cookies. But as boys get older and understand more i want to start incorporating traditions like this, so thank you for this!

    1. Don’t forget the code to save 10%! I’ve always loved people’s matching Jammie pics! I ordered my 3 jammies this year that say “I’ll trade my brother for gifts!” 😂

  5. 🙂 We like to keep toys to a minimum in this house! Although little one is only 14 months, we try to politely ask for experiences like a museum membership or zoo tickets. However, we always seem to be bombarded with toys. While we are grateful, this sounds like a nice idea to do in helping keep our toys down to a minimum. I’m sure as he gets older and Christmas and birthdays pass, we will accumulate even more. Great idea for a tradition!

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