Drinking water is so important for our bodies and our daily functioning. Especially as higher temps arrive and there is increased outside time in the sun for most families this summer. Being hydrated helps me feel better and function better as a busy breastfeeding mom and is important to keep my body healthy and strong to chase these boys around! Do you want to drink more water? Find out how with these simple tips!

How much water should I be drinking?

The Mayo Clinic recommends about 11 cups a day for women and 15 cups a day for men. Keep in mind things like exercise, pregnancy and breastfeeding all factor in to require a bit more water than the standard recommendation. I shoot for 75-85 oz of water per day!

drink more water

Tips to drink more water

  • Find a water bottle that works for you. I LOVE my Tal Hydration bottle because it holds 64 oz and keeps cold for 24 hours!
  • Infuse fruit into water (We love blueberries, cucumber and lemon!)
  • Tracking throughout the day. Here are awesome apps to use to keep you on track!
  • Drink water with every meal or snack
  • Drink water in between each non-water beverage
  • Let your kids store their cups in a place where they can get their own water!
drink more water

Tips for Parents

  • Set a good example by drinking water as well
  • Talk to your kids about why water is good for their bodies
  • Share warnings to check consumption such as yellow urine being a sign that his/her body may need more water.
  • Allow your kids to serve their own water. Have kid cups in an area that they can reach safely while learning responsibility.
  • Make water consumption fun by allowing them to select a water bottle at the store.
  • Have fun! Infuse water with fruits and veggies for a colorful and delicious drink! We love blueberries and strawberries!
drink more water

Please join me on May 9 in celebrating Rev Your Bev day. Rev Your Bev Day is an annual Virginia day of action to raise awareness about the incredible health benefits you can see by making water your No. 1 beverage of choice. Stay tuned in the next week for recipes and ideas for increasing water in your homes. Thank you Rev Your Bev for sponsoring this post.

What helps you stay hydrated? What tips do you have for others who want to increase their water intake? If you want to set a goal to drink more water – check out my post on setting and achieving goals!

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37 thoughts on “Simple tips to drink more water

  1. I got a water bottle that tracks my drinking (it has little markers that say i should drink this much by this time, etc.) and i was shocked by how little water I drink! Definitely need to work on that!

  2. This is something I myself am trying to do, DRINK MORE WATER. I used to but have since fallen from the horse. These are great tips and really are encouraging me to GET TO IT! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I often forget to drink water so this post is super helpful! I will try infusing fruits in my water to give it extra antioxidants and taste!

  4. I’ve definitely been drinking more water but have yet to try infusing. I’ve heard about it for years, but haven’t gotten around to it. Reading this just jogged my memory though!

    Angel | Mommy-ing Differently

  5. I try to drink water when I wake up and throughout the day. My dad used to tell me to drink till I pee but I don’t drink THAT much.

  6. This is a great list of tips. I am grateful my boys easily drink water but if days are busy I see us not getting enough in us. This will surely help me!

  7. Love the infusing tip. Staying hydrated is not overrated! I use a planner with water tracking to help remember to drink up.

  8. My kids love water but I have never been a huge fan but I try my best to drink more water now by infusing fruits in it and so on. I find that drinking more water has definitely reduced the amount of migraines I have been having!

  9. As soon as I saw the title of this, I knew I had to read it. I have always been an avid water drinker. However, lately I am struggling to drink throughout the day. These tips are helpful so thank you!

  10. I need to boost my water greater then 64oz. Some days it is possible, but some days I run and sweat so much that I get a headache and nauseated. I love these ideas of infusing it. Maybe it will make it easier to drink more. Thank you!

  11. Excellent tips. I used to barely drink any water (mostly because I basically lived by drinking pop – not good I know). However, I now make sure to drink plenty of water each day. I had a big water bottle that holds about 32oz and I tend to go through it twice a day, so I’m finally drinking what I should. I’m going to have to try infusing my water with fruit, because sometimes I find just plain water to be a bit boring.

    1. Have you tired drinking refrigerated water? The taste of plain cold water
      bad. I used to infuse my water but then realized that cold, plain water is more palatable than room temp.

  12. I haven’t been drinking water (only coffee and tea) and my sugar cravings came back. Now I’m dealing with an awful migraine (it’s manageable right now but an hour ago, unbearable) so now I’m going to start drinking more water. My weight loss stalled as well so I’m hoping the water helps!

    Do you track all of the water you drink? I have a 32oz water bottle so I’m aiming for two bottles a day. I usually have an unsweetened iced coffee at home which I won’t be tracking. Going to be using a water tracking app to only track my water consumption.

    1. I do! I also get migraines and the days they are bad like yours are the ones when I missed a glass! There are awesome apps to use! Hang in there babe hope the migraine goes away soon!

      1. Thank you so much, Erin ❤️ I chugged 1000 mL of water this morning, meditated for half an hour, and took a hot shower. Luckily, this provided some relief. Yesterday I had a ton of sugar and that may have contributed to dehydration…. I felt terrible. Really hoping the water helps with sugar cravings!

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