There is nothing worse than cold weather and a young child.  I’m convinced the scenario is designed to make all parents lose what little sanity we have left.   I cringe thinking about having to go to the same indoor play area on repeat all winter, so my boys don’t tear my house apart. (Well that happens anyways, but that’s a whole different topic).

We already have a membership to almost every family option in Richmond, but the one place I hadn’t explored yet was Romp n’ Roll.  I know, embarrassing, considering its 4 minutes from my house.  I took my two kids, age 3 and 1 to check it out and report back!

What to expect

We met Rompy, the dog mascot, and began class by singing and then reading a short story and talking about the weekly theme, Farm Animals.  We entered the gym for a structured 45-minute combination of free play, bubble dancing, parachute fun, and singing.  The activities were engaging, fun, and interactive. There was a schedule, a plan, and a purpose to all things we did with the kids.

I LOVED that the teacher was also prompting parents on how to engage with their children as well (social worker mom over here was swooning by this point).  I was impressed that parents are involved in this class and play alongside their child. We ended the class by singing a goodbye song and telling Rompy we would see him soon! Earning a stamp for putting shoes back on was the perfect way to encourage the children to assist with that final task before heading out of the door. 


  • Rompy’s Club Membership – 80$ per month gets you unlimited classes up to 1 per day and unlimited open playtime.
  • Classic Membership – 65$ per month. 5 classes per month and unlimited open playtime.
  • Baby Club – $50 per month – 4 baby classes per month
  • Single Class – 20$
  • 10 pack classes – 149$

You can find more info about pricing / sales promotions here:

Try your first class free to make sure it is a good fit for your family, before you have to sign anything or pay!

Final Thoughts

The classes are phenomenal and range from science, art, dance, and super hero themed. There are drop off class options for ages 2-5. My kids had a great time at the summer camp as well. However, it is cost prohibitive when you have multiple kids close in age. The out of pocket cost for my family would be 160$ a month vs other membership options in Richmond that cost 100$ for unlimited use for the entire year. If cost is not an issue, I absolutely recommend going and checking your local Romp N Roll location out!

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