Life gets busy and before we know it, we look up and our baby is 5 and we are registering for Kindergarten. Seriously – how does this happen? No seriously… someone tell me how this is truly my life. Or maybe you look up and it’s 6pm and the day has flown by and you aren’t sure what you did all day other than clean up messes and make snacks and wipe butts on repeat all day. Being a present parent sounds great in concept, but the execution isn’t that easy. If you want to be more present in your child’s life, here are 5 tips to help you be a more present parent.

Wake up before your kids

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We all have busy schedules, and waking up before your kids will increase the chance that you have time to do the things you need to do. If you wake up before your kids, you have time for yourself so you’re ready for them when they do wake up. Maybe you get up and drink a cup of coffee on your porch in peace and quiet. Go to the gym and work out before they rise. Cook yourself a breakfast or read a book. SELF CARE is key in raising kids. We can not pour from an empty cup.

Take advantage and cherish family time

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Instead of rushing through family time, really take advantage of these moments and cherish them. As your kids get older and they have their own schedules and events, family time gets harder to schedule. Do you have a day that’s reserved for your family? Sunday afternoons are for fire pits and smores at our house. Maybe Friday nights are pizza night in to connect and catch up after a busy week.


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You don’t have to be completely unplugged and off of social media. Aim to be unplugged for at least part of your day. If setting a schedule doesn’t work well for you, then put your phones in a drawer during dinner or bedtime. Plug your phone up across your bedroom at night so you can connect with your spouse for a few minutes before you both pass out from exhaustion.

Make time for one-on-one time with your kids

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Once a month, try to make time for one-on-one time with each of your kids. If you can do it more frequently then do it! Let them pick the activity and take the time to just be present with him/her. This is absolutely my favorite advice for moms of multiple kids. It’s time well spent for everyone!

Listen to your kids

Our kids have a lot to say! Take the time to listen to them and hear the stories they have to tell. Listening to their story about Spiderman or a part of their day at school will show them that they matter and what they have to say matters. You may want to lose your cool (and some days you will) because they are sharing that they broke a plate. But take a breath and thank them for coming to you. Listening to our kids when they are little transfers to them feeling comfortable when they are older and want to talk about bigger issues.

No matter how old your kids are, they need time with you! Being a parent is hard, it takes a village. Your kids don’t need you to be perfect, just present.

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27 thoughts on “Present parenting: Being in the moment

    1. My two older guys just soak it all in. Its such a rarity with three little ones that it feels like such a treat!

  1. Man, sometimes I wish I wasn’t raising children in the age of smart phones and social media. I spend wayyyy to much time on my phone and I try so hard to be present…but sometimes getting on my phone/ social media is an escape for me. But, I know I will regret not taking advantage of this time when they are older.

  2. My husband and I will divide and conquer with our little ones sometimes to give them the one on one time. Our oldest thrives when he gets that kind of attention. Great tips!

  3. This is a reminder to my husband and I. We are often times too busy with life’s drama that we forget to be more present in our parenting.
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Yes! Waking up before my family is my secret weapon. It helps me have some time alone before the chaos begins. Excellent tips! I also tend to be more present if I’m in nature, so we tend to all go outside a lot.

  5. Such a great post! I definitely needed this list. I need to start waking up before the kids as all that rush in the morning is putting a lot of pressure on all of us and we end up with unneeded tantrums. One on one time is also so important, planning to have a one on one time with each of my kids this weekend!

  6. great tips. I have recently been trying to turn off the TV and leave my phone while it’s just me and the girls eating. I put on music instead and talk to them. Sounds so simple but it makes me feel good!

  7. Oh it’s creating one on one time for your kids that’s the struggle I find. It can be very difficult but it is clealy very, very important.

    1. Girl I feel you, my 7 month old still wakes up 6-7 times! Everyone has their own thing, but having even 5-10 minutes to myself helps me immensely! Hang in there mama.

  8. I think the getting up before the kids is a big one! Before I was doing this it was so hectic, I need that little time to myself to get prepared before the chaos lol! Unplugging is another big one! sometimes its not about more time but just being completely present with the time you do have

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