Recent news is that Payless Shoe store is closing and marking down all of their inventory to get rid of it. Are you wondering whether it is worth the time and effort to go check it out? I went today to ours in Virginia to do some investigating and was pleased with what I found.

There was still a LOT of Payless inventory left at our local Richmond VA store. Keep reading to find which shoes are less than 20$ with the 30% discount. Keep in mind that the discounts will get bigger as we get closer to store closings across the country for some even better deals.

  • Brash Drea Women’s Lace-Up Sneakers – I have owned these for about 2 ish months and LOVE them. They are great for walking and chasing the kiddos but also fashionable and work well with jeans or yoga pants.
payless shoe store closing
payless shoe store closing
payless shoe store closing
  • Skylar Sneaker – All the spring vibes! Cute but perfect for everyday wear.
payless shoe store closing
Ryan High Wedge
payless shoe store closing

Each store will have different offerings and items left but it is DEFINITELY worth a trip to see what is left. I am going to keep checking out my local store to watch the prices drop and hopefully snag some great deals from the Payless shoe store closing!

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28 thoughts on “Payless shoe store is closing: deals on shoes!

  1. As with most liquidation sales, I find prices to be cheaper BEFORE the liquidation started. For example, my store was 50% off everything weeks before the news hit. My store is still taking cards I should mention.

  2. I was so bummed when all the stores closed in my area and I didn’t even get to take advantage of the sales.

  3. I need to go see what our store still has. Maybe take advantage and get my nieces and nephews some new shoes.

  4. I love Payless, I’m so sad they’re going out of business! I didn’t even think to go and snag a few pairs before they close!

  5. One store near me is still open and didn’t have any signs up about closing yet. I think I’ll go check it out before they make it official. They probably have great deals now. Thanks for the info I better hurry.

  6. Our Payless is already gone 🙁 I love these red flats. I need to check online to see what else they. Didn’t even think about that, since it’s gone. thanks for these!

    1. I hadnt either until I snagged those tennis shoes and thought hmm I shouldve found this place years ago!

  7. I can’t believe they are closing!! Pretty soon there will be no more stores to shop in, lol! By the way, I love those blue wedges!

  8. I went into ours, and it was a bust 🙁 I can honestly find bigger brand, higher quality sale and clearance shoes for cheaper than their liquidation prices. Their toddler shoe price were RIDICULOUS – they still wanted almost $20 for a pair of toddler shoes – I can buy Adidas or Nike on sale for that. I used to love them, but their prices went up too much, and their quality stayed the same. To me it makes sense that they are closing. A shame, but still. But I’m glad you were able to snag some good deals!

    1. Really? Man I am sorry you didnt have good luck! I agree though overall sometimes liquidations or “sales” arent really the best deals! I love a good bargain!

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