I’m not sure about you, but my social media newsfeeds are overflowing with baby bumps, baby mamas, pregnancy announcements, and newborns! As friends and family to the pregnant or new mom/dad, we are just as eager to meet and spoil that new bundle of joy as the parents are. So, if you are like me and chomping at the bit to zoom on over in your car and snuggle that new babe and need a gift, here are a few recommendations for gifts that are a sure fire way to make that new mama feel celebrated and happy!

Most visitors will bring over baby items for a welcome home gift – clothes, blankets, diapers, toys etc. While these are all very practical and logical gift choices most moms have all that they need by the time baby comes home from the hospital. Personally, I think is an even better gift is something special just for mom. After all, she did just nourish and birth that sweet baby. Let’s show her how much we love her as well.

Here are a few of my very favorite affordable and memorable gifts that every new mom would be sure to love that are under 50$:

  • Initial Necklace thejewelrybarMignonandMignon make adorable necklaces with initials and birthstones.  This was my very first gift after I had Palmer when I got home from the hospital from my dear friend Allie  and I still wear at least once a week (and I am wearing mine right now!)
$46.50 – Classic and gorgeous!
$13.50! An amazing deal.
  • Candles – with fall approaching in Virginia its a perfect time to open up the windows, let the cool breeze in and wrap up in a cozy blanket. There is nothing better than snoozing and snuggling with a newborn after being up all night.  Wrap up a sweet smelling candle from WoodWick or Rifle Paper Co. and visit with mom and baby while enjoying a calming Lavender or Vanilla scent. Orrrr – lets be real – mama might need to light it up when the house begins to smell like baby spit up and poop.  (Sorry, its true). Whatever the smell, a candle is always a great and simple gift!
  • Coffee Mug – Moms need ALL THE CAFFEINE they can get to do all the things.  Sleepless nights, lack of regular showers, visitors, appointments, and keeping a household running smoothly requires coffee.  Give her a cute mug to fill when she stumbles to the coffee pot in the AM. I love these 2 – but you can find adorable ones at tons of local stores and TJ Maxx/Home Goods for under 10$.688c8d3edd2899d1ef4c2c5da5badd22
  • BraceletAnnieReh Jewelry makes a perfect gold Mama bear cuff for 25$ and Frosted Willow creates a two bangled option with initial and birthstone color for 29$.  The bracelets are my go to for friends who are heading back to work after baby arrives.  Its the visual representation while typing away on your computer or during meetings. When  feeling unsure or sad about the tug of being away from baby to remind the new mom who she is hustling and crushing goals for – that sweet little one.
  • Spa card –  She can tuck it away until she needs a mom break to recharge and relax. Daddy needs to learn how to manage solo, this is the perfect option. Tell her to turn off her cell and disappear from life for a little while at your expense.
  • Cute graphic tee – who doesn’t love these mom graphic t’s that are popping up everywhere? They are on point with the sayings and an easy and comfy outfit for a new mom to throw on with a messy bun and run out the door on way to doctors appointments. has great choices as well as Zulily!
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  • Mani / pedi – enough said.  Find out her favorite spot and drop by for a certificate with her name on it. They typically last for a year and this will give that mom time to adjust and just when she needs a quiet get away for an hour she can cash it in for some pampering.
  • Wine and chocolate – Because she will need it once the adrenaline wears off, the lack of sleep catches up to her, and the worrying begins.   Make sure she has an adult beverage and a big ol chocolate bar while she binges on netflix at 2am when the baby wants to party all night.  The best part of this gift is you can find great wine for Trader Joes or Aldi for 5$ or less if you don’t have a lot of extra cash and want to still pamper your friend. It’s the thought that counts not the money spent.
  • Journal – She may not have time to write every day or even every week. But pick up a nice journal that she can have to jot down memories and thoughts as she and the baby adjust to their new normal.   It’s so nice to have a place to look back on and remember how those first years went when the memories aren’t so clear anymore. Baby and mom will appreciate the journal for years to come, especially when a parent him/herself.  (It is my favorite item I have from my mom, who I didn’t have with me when I was pregnant or as a mom.  Reading it and connecting with her and her memories, feelings, and thoughts helped me connect with her). Trust me this is a thoughtful and meaningful memory and gift everyone will love years and years into the future. I love the Kate Spade Blush Option for 16$ and of course, Erin Condren’s journal for 20$.

More so than gifts, remember to be there for your new mom friend. It’s a tiring adjustment, an emotional adjustment, and having a friend that you can call or text at all hours of the night means more than any gift ever could.

Welcome to the best club in the entire universe friends – the Mom Club!


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