Mother’s Day is this weekend and the panic is setting in for many – what do you get? What does she want? What does she need? Don’t panic guys – I am a firm believer that the best mothers day gifts aren’t store bought gifts but quality time and hand made tokens of love. When I think about my favorite memories with my own mom and ones with my own kids – it’s the moments of simplicity of time well spent that mean the most to me.

10 ideas for Mother’s Day that are FREE!

So, my mother’s day gift guide gifts aren’t store bought gifts at all. They are ones made with love.

Picnic at a local park

  • Pack mama’s fave snacks or meal, a beverage, and a big blanket to sit on.

Take a walk or go on a hike

  • For the active moms in your life who like to explore! Check out this website to find the closest state park to you.

Breakfast in bed

  • Have your kids make a menu, let her order from bed, and deliver a mimosa for her to sip on while waiting for her food to be delivered!

Write her a thoughtful note

  • I love the adorable printables where kids can fill in the blank with their own funny comments! Here are a few that I love. Hallmark cards are great, but a genuine from the heart note in your own words is priceless.

Let mama sleep!

  • Mama’s are always happier when well rested! Take her some coffee in bed after you let her snooze away.

Take over all of the household duties for the day

  • Don’t let mommy lift a finger! Take over the trash, cooking, cleaning, dusting, etc. and take over.

Make her a IOU coupon book

  • Create a booklet with coupons for mom to redeem at any time this year with things like: Get out of bathtime card, Stay in bed until noon, No dishes today, etc. with lots of items that mom would love to take a pass on and she can redeem at any time!

Pick a bouquet

Let the kids pick her some flowers from the garden / yard.

Watch a family movie at home.

  • Pop some popcorn, grab some candy, snuggle up and watch a movie that mom has been dying to see.

Smother her with love!

  • Lastly, tell her that you love her, appreciate her, and couldn’t live without her. Give her a hug / kiss / snuggle to make sure she knows how much she is loved.

Love Language Quiz

So if you aren’t sure about what your wife or mother’s love language is – I highly recommend getting her to take this FREE, quick, and easy Love Language Quiz. It will tell you a lot about how she wants to be loved and you can adapt your Mother’s Day to suit her needs.

Whatever you do, receive, or whom you spend your Mother’s Day with – I hope it is filled with love. Mother’s are the strongest people I know. They work tirelessly every day both in and out of the home with the most important job of all – being a mom. I have been so blessed to have such a wonderful mom and mother figures in my life to help guide me in my own parenting. Shout out to all the mama’s not only this Sunday but everyday!

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46 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Ideas for free

  1. THIS ha i love this so much! esp just the little hugs and kisses from family members- truly the best and nothing better 😉 Plus free ha

  2. Love this! Quality time together is more important then what can be bought. You can take away material items from me but you cant take away my memories. 🙂

    1. YEP. Right there with you. Havent slept since I got preggo with my 5 year old. ALL THE COFFEEEEEEEEE

  3. Awww, I love all of these. We will be going to church and going out for breakfast afterwards. I hope you have a great Mother’s Day!

  4. Thank you for a great list! I think the best gifts are experiences and spending time together so these ideas are perfect. My sister and I are taking our mother out for some fun and then dinner at the restaurant of her choice. Happy Mother’s Day!

  5. These are so great and practical!! I esp love the “taking over household duties” one and think my hubs is having my son help with cleaning up today so that’s nice 😁

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