RVA is home to so many wonderful places to explore outdoors as a family – but if I had to pick my absolute favorite?  Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden. 50 acres of gorgeous flowers, trees, and nature to roam and relax conveniently located right in our backyards.

Change your weekend plans and head there ASAP!  Don’t miss the amazing giveaway for a 4 pack of tickets we have for one lucky winner!

Photo credit Tom Hennessey
Photo Credit Tom Hennessey

Origami in the Garden

If you haven’t heard the exciting news – Origami in the Garden arrived on April 13th and we flocked there among many others to check out this new exhibit that will run through September 30th.  Dress comfortably and wander Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden and look for the 21 sculptures, big and small.  My boys loved “hunting” for the sculptures and enjoyed finding them throughout the garden.  From the two large sculptures that greet you among entrance to the garden to the smallest sculptures, like the mouse you will see in the Children’s Garden, there is a sculpture everyone will love.

lewis ginter botanical garden
Photo Credit: Tom Hennessey

Kevin Box, the creator, uses one piece of paper with no cuts (IMPRESSIVE!) to create the prototype which is then recreated bronze, steel, or aluminum for materials that will withstand outdoor terrain. Kevin celebrates nature, which he refers to as the “master origami artist” in his sculptures.

lewis ginter botanical garden
Photo credit: Tom Hennessey

Children’s Garden

Sand Box, Block Area, the most amazing climbing tree EVER, International Village, Splash Pad – It is open now! Cool down in the shade and watch as your child splashes and frolics with new friends and the Drop in Programs – Every day of the week there are pre planned activities in the Children’s Garden such as storytime, drop in and dig, family walk and talk. My kids love these and it’s a great way to add a little structure and group play to your admission.

Butterfly Exhibit

Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden

Stop by the Conservatory to visit Butterflies Live exhibit sponsored by M&T Bank.  We have been waiting for the butterflies all winter, and we were all giddy with excitement to see their colors and sizes up close and personal.  Stand really still and quiet and you may have a friend land on you!

Membership / Visit

Every trip to Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden is an educational opportunity lurking everywhere you turn. Grab a delicious snack or lunch from the café, pack a blanket, and spend the entire day enjoying the beautiful flowers, play areas, and nature that RVA has to offer.  Don’t forget to check out the membership options for your family which will easily pay for itself if you go weekly like we do.  See you there soon!

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