The loads of laundry quickly pile up and take over at my house with three boys. Having a routine helps me stay on top and not let it take over my house and life. Doesn’t it seem as if those piles suddenly get bigger and bigger as the week goes on? I have a few laundry management tips I wanted to share on how to tackle all of those pesky loads of laundry. I hope these laundry management tips will help ease your stress about getting it done and making it less overwhelming for everyone, including yourself!

Time management

Listening to a podcast or audio book when doing laundry helps me a lot. It makes the task less daunting and allows me to participate in self care at the same time! If the boys are nearby, I’ll also put it on some fun dance music so my kids can dance around while I fold the laundry and put it away. Its a win win for everyone helping.

Laundry Products I love

  • Amazon Prime subscribe & save is my go to for laundry detergent pods. I find that I waste less when I use the pods and I can allow the kids to help me by tossing 1 in.  
  • Wool Dryer Balls / Essential Oils – using wool dryer balls are a great way to help our laundry smell great. My favorite oil to use is lavender.
  • Drying rack – I air dry a lot of our clothes so that they don’t shrink. It really comes in handy!

Setting a routine

  • I put a load of laundry in the washer after dinner and then put in the dryer before bed. This decreases the chance I will have to redo a load in the washer because the day got busy and I forgot! As a mom who used cloth diapers, I like doing small loads daily to ensure I had enough clean diapers.
  • Find a time that you are typically at home and add it to your daily routine to break into small chunks of time or save for multiple loads in one day. Soon this not only because something that you don’t need to think about but it’s not a habit and makes it that much easier to do!

Shifting your mindset

The way you think informs your behaviors. I made a mental shift to being thankful for having clothing for my family to wash, fold, and put away.  I am thankful for having a family in my home who are wearing those clothes and making fun memories and playing in them. It always gives me a good perspective when I am starting to feel like I am drowning in the task. This is such a good practice to do for anything that you may not enjoy. I really recommend trying this out.

Ways that kids can help

  • Sorting – Even the youngest of kids can help. Sort by color, by family member’s clothes, by type of clothing. Its a learning experience for your kid and gives them a focused task and can be one less thing for you to do.
  • Folding / Putting away – use their developmental stages to your advantage. I have my middle son put things in the dresser and my oldest hang things in the closet. This makes it helpful not only for me but for them to show responsibility too. 
  • Adding clothes to the hamper.
  • Picking out their own clothes.

For those bigger items like comforters, having a laundromat to take them too so you do not damage your machine is helpful.  The Clothes Spin is a great place to check out for those needs.  They are open 24 hours and have multiple sizes of washers and high capacity dryers to get the job done quickly.

 If you live in the Lynchburg VA area, many customers compliment this business on their safety and security of the facility at any hours as well as the number of dryers and washers that they have, cleanliness, affordable rates, state of the art dryers and washers and of course, the friendly staff. They truly appreciate and love the community and look forward to helping you save time, money and cleaning of all your laundry at their facility. If you’re looking for a place to give you all these amenities, look no further then The Clothes Spin by giving them a call or stop by! Check their website to find the nearest location to where you live. 

What is your tip or trick to manage laundry for your family?

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19 thoughts on “Laundry management tips for families

  1. I can’t wait until my son gets bigger to help out with folding laundry, I love the way my clothes smell after washing but the folding process is so long, so many clothes.

  2. OK I really need to teach my kids to start helping me because I think they’re old enough now and I love what you said about podcasts because I always do that like the whole day! Thanks for these tips!

  3. I love this, even for myself living alone! I am still so bad at keeping up with laundry, especially the folding part!

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