What is a Kings Dominion Preschool Pass?

The Kings Dominion Preschool pass is designed for ages 3-5 in Virginia. You must register online at when the registration window opens. You and your kiddo need to head to Kings Dominion before the deadline with proof of identification to redeem your preschool pass.  The entire process to get the pass took 10 minutes!

Kings dominion preschool pass

Do parents need a pass?

Yes, parents do need to purchase a pass: Silver, Gold, or Platinum.  I went with the Gold Pass for a few reasons:  FREE parking.  Parking costs 20$ a car typically, so going one time basically made that built in cost worth it. It also includes FREE Dinosaurs Alive, FREE unlimited visits to Halloween Haunt, and FREE unlimited visits to WinterFest. 

I paid 129.99 and can go to Kings Dominion an unlimited amount until December 29, 2018.  There are payment plans as well.  If I went to the park 2 times during the 2018 season my pass would pay for itself compared to purchasing daily admission.  We have already gone 5 times since June, so mission accomplished.

kings dominion preschool pass

What else do I need to buy?

Buy an Unlimited Refill Cup.  It costs 29.99 but you can refill every 15 minutes at refresh stations around the entire park for FREE.  On hot summer days, we refill at least 8-10 times to keep the kiddos and ourselves hydrated. We use the cup at the pool and around town at the playground too, it’s great!

What can you do with the under 5 crowd at Kings Dominion?

Planet Snoopy

Can easily spend an entire day here – 20 rides available, most suitable for even your littlest guest! We love going during the week when there are NO lines and the kids can walk right up and get on for multiple rides before hopping off.   There is a large covered pavilion with tables for resting and eating lunch or snacks!

kings dominion preschool pass

Dinosaurs Alive

Walk along a shaded path filled with 43 interactive LIFE SIZED dinosaurs and information. Our favorite part is the Dino Dig area where the kids can explore a massive sand area with fossils hidden below.   It’s a good break from the rides and if you have dino lovers like I do – it’s a sure fire hit to admire the 20-30 feet tall dino’s lurking in the trees.

kings dominion preschool pass

Soak City

The Splash pad is impressive. The kids could spend hours running through the various elements and going down the slide. On a really warm day, it’s the perfect place to escape the heat and cool down.  The lazy river and wave pool are available too but we tend to stick to the two splash areas because it’s more contained and geared towards little ones.

Kings Dominion Preschool Pasa

Family Care Center

This is a parents dream – no joke! Its air conditioned and boasts an art easel, a television and toys for a much needed break.  There are two large family restrooms that you entire crew can fit in plus stroller.  There are rocking chairs, high chairs, and areas for nursing moms as well as changing stations, a refrigerator, and sinks to use.   You can also find wristbands where you can fill in key information for your little one should he/she be separated from you in the park. 

kings dominion preschool pass

If you are on the fence about whether or not to get a preschool pass I highly recommend getting one. Grab a mom friend and make a day trip out of it – you will have plenty of fun!

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