Music is a big part of our household – from sporadic dance parties, singing our fave tunes, making up new songs, and jamming to popular favorites on the radio.  I cannot imagine a day without music.  Kindermusik® helps infants through 3 ½ year olds embrace music, create bonds with friends and other families, build a sense of community and grow through music and movement.


Class Options: Foundations (0-18 months)

In the Foundations class children learn musical concepts such as tempo, steady beat, turn taking and vocal inflections. Kids will learn music from a variety of cultures and increase social skills and interactional concepts like pretend play, imagination, and creativity.  The music enhances balance and coordination. The class creates lifelong music lovers. In the Foundations class you will find rocking, singing, dancing, exploring with chime balls, drums, scarves, shakers, rainbow makers and more.

Class Options: Level 2 (18 months – 3 1/2 years)

In the Level 2 class the love of reading is included by joining it to our musical experience, we dance, rock, sing, jump, bounce, wiggle, and move in countless children inspired ways.  You will find more advanced music and movement with shakers, hoops, scarves, sand blocks, rhythm sticks and more.


What to expect

Each semester is 15 weeks long and gives families time to create meaningful relationships with other families in their area.   The units focus on topics we can all relate to such as home, animals, and transportation. One thing that sets Kindermusik® apart is that the class is accompanied by home kits.  These home kits provide the music, books, an instrument and activity book. Families are encouraged to experience their songs in the car, waiting in line, before bed and as a morning greeting.


Enrollment is ongoing and makes an ongoing gift! For more info or to schedule a free preview class, or a Kindermusik® birthday party, contact Samantha at 804-539-3064 or at   Come to try a class with us, we would love to share the gift of music with our friends. If you are not in RVA, check out the  Kindermusik®  International page, to find a class near you.


Honest Review

Going into Kindermusik®, I already knew my boys would be in their element.  Watching my kids build bonds with other families and engage in learning with same age children has been a true joy.  Kindermusik® is a journey – just like parenting. Make lifelong friendships and incorporate music into your lives starting today!


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8 thoughts on “Kindermusik® – music class for babies and toddlers

    1. Its such a fun and structured hour a week for kids that arent in a school or daycare environment. I loved watching them learn to follow the routine and listening to another adult.

  1. I have always wanted to try this! We have one in our City actually but i never really went for it. I should!

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