Introducing health and fitness into a child’s life early on is important for forming habits that will carry them into adulthood. Laying a strong foundation of healthy food intake and being active from an early age sets it up as a lifestyle.  A great way to introduce being active for a child is involvement in youth sports. 

How do you know if your child is ready?

They are ready when they express interest on their own.  They will ask about playing or request to be signed up.  They get excited when the sport is mentioned. Children tend to have the coordination and development to really play most sports around age 5. Age 5 / school aged children are able to understand the concept of sharing and passing with teammates and tend to have a greater capacity for the feelings of others.  

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If your child asks about playing at home include siblings and make it fun.  Walk the Dog, Red Light Green Light, or the Train game to help players feel at ease and laugh.  Remember these are young children, not the Olympic team. Its okay for your child to make mistakes.

Fueling your body

Encouraging your child to fuel their body pre and post practice or game is important as well.  Talk to them about tips for drinking water to stay hydrated. Cook a healthy breakfast as a family, prepare items ahead of time to grab, and make sure snacks are ready for post game.  Here are some great ideas for snack ideas to try!

Social Skills

The most important factor in youth sports is socialization.  We began playing soccer at our local YMCA at age 3 and I routinely said “My only agenda for this season is to have fun and make friends!” Most of the team was only there for snack time after but it was a great opportunity to practice listening to adult/coaches, trying something new, and making friends.

Parent Involvement

Be supportive. Allow the coach to take the lead.  Do not force your child to participate. Encourage your child to pass the ball, encourage his/her teammates, and to focus on skills vs. scoring/winning.  It may be hard to watch your child struggle (i.e. miss a goal, not get selected to play first) but resist the urge to swoop in and fix it.  

Follow up

Encourage your child by pointing out behaviors that you saw on and off the field that made you proud.  It could be “Great job passing out snack after the game.” “I like how you checked on Sara when she fell.” “You passed the ball to Joe and he scored – that was amazing teamwork!”  instead of “You won!” “You scored 5 times!” 

Most importantly, have FUN!  Fitness and being active should be fun and enjoyable for children and adults.

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Do you coach youth sports? Does your child play any youth sports? Would love to know what your family has learned through that experience.

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18 thoughts on “Fitness and Kids: Youth Sports

    1. It’s such a great family bonding time for us! Excited our middle guy can play soccer this fall!

  1. In love the tip you have about “Following Up”! Such an amazing point! When I was growing up, my parents would always make a point to do this and it truly made a big difference in my confidence + self-assurance! Love this post!
    Xx, Morgs*

  2. I was always so grateful that my parents made me try a lot of different spots as a child – I would definitely do the same if I ever have children. Although I may encourage them to stick to one thing more. I’m now trying to get back into dancing after 17 years and it’s not easy… Ha!

  3. My kiddo is far from playing sports, but my husband and I have talked about it already wondering what he’ll be into! I think a sport activity is great for a kid to do and I hope my kid will want to do it!

    1. It’s not really about the sport at the little ages but social skill development! We love soccer at 3!

  4. We are currently trying to find the right sport for my 8 year old. It’s so hard!! She has tried soccer and gymnastics but wasn’t into it. I’m hoping she’ll like tennis. Loved the post! Thanks for all the great tips.

  5. My son is only 13 months old so he’s not quite ready for sports, but these are great tips. We’ve been trying to introduce him to baseball, football, basketball, and soccer. This mama can’t wait for when he starts playing sports.

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