Date nights can be extremely challenging especially if you’re a parent of young kids. It’s hard to get away to even go to the restroom alone much less go out. If going out for a date night away from home is not an option right now, consider having a date night in after the kids go to bed. Here are a few ideas to celebrate a date night in.

Eat a candlelit takeout dinner

Dinner doesn’t have to be an extravagant meal out! Sometimes just adding a little bit of candlelight and some music to a regular takeout dinner can make it feel WAY more romantic! Put on some music, bust out the fancy china, and connect.

Watch the stars

Lay out a blanket or just lay in the grass and enjoy a glass of wine while you watch the stars. Enjoy the view and the company. Take a moment to be still, quiet, and be in the moment.


When is the last time you just talked? And no, talking about schedules and carpool and who is taking who where doesn’t count. When is the last time you just sat down and talked? I love Table Topics for good conversation starters or topics.

Play a game

Break out a board game or checkers and reconnect. I’m a big fan of bets so maybe toss in a whomever loses takes out the trash for the rest of the week!

Cook Together

Is there a meal you’ve been wanting to try that the kids would refuse to eat? A dessert that you’ve been eyeing? Even getting a delivery meal service and making a meal together gives you the chance to work together and bond over creating something as a couple.


Turn on some fave songs, your wedding dance song, special tunes that are meaningful. Take a few spins around the living room and reconnect.

Date nights at home can sometimes default to the usual dinner and a movie. (and that is totally ok!) But, try to change things up with these fun date nights that you can do at home to reconnect and have quality time with your partner.

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What is your fave date night at home idea? Can’t wait to hear!



32 thoughts on “Date Night In Ideas

  1. These are fun ideas. If I had a date night, I would love to have it under the stars. So romantic!

  2. My husband and I absolutely LOVE cooking together. It’s about the only time I enjoy cooking in general. And we usually dance in the kitchen – so that’s two dates in one 😉

  3. I love the idea of playing a game. I’m always down for a game of cards, a board game or video games. They are a great way to engage with your partner!

    1. Agree! Yes so funny you said that because I am working on a post about free date night out ideas and that is on it. Great minds think alike babe!

  4. I always tend to do date nights out since I have housemates but this really makes me want to try and make sure I get a date night in next time they’re away!

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