Pizza Dips


    I am incapable of doing complicated things in life right now.  So this easy lunch or dinner option fits in perfectly right now! Don’t let this easy option pass you by! Continue Reading

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    New Kid on the Block – Lidl

    Richmond, Virginia – we have a New Kid on The Block and his name is Lidl.  I have discussed grocery store comparisons in the past & you can find that post here. But,…

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    Chicken Crescent Roll Ups

    My husband left the 100 degree plus heat in Virginia and headed to Boston last Sunday and has been sleeping in a soft comfy bed without little people limbs draped over him, eating…

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    Energy Bites

    Tis the season of children home from school and a never ending trail of hungry children to feed all day long. Instead of endless fruit snacks, candy, and chips try to…

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    Grouper A la Greece

    I am really excited to partner with another local establishment, Bon Air Seafood, and bring you a delicious and healthy seafood dish once a month!  Bon Air Seafood isn’t just any…

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    I dip, you dip, we dip

    I am about to BLOW your mind with a delicious dip that you will be taking to every social function for the foreseeable future. But before I do, if the title…

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    Sweet Potato Bowl

    I’m never a fan of eating a meal that requires you to unbutton pants or feel so full after that you need a nap (I will give you a free pass…

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    Guilt Free Banana Pudding

    Heading to a outdoor get together and need to take something easy and yummy? Searching for the most delicious cool treat that is a healthier alternative than grabbing a pie at…

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    Baked Ziti

    Baked Ziti has always been a favorite of mine and I have fond memories of going to Angelo’s Restaurant in Midlo with my mom and chatting about everything under the sun…

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    Cauliflower Mac and Cheese

    Do you love the comfort of mac and cheese but hate that you must unzip and unbutton your pants after having a big ol serving? I could eat mac and cheese…