Its finally here – my oldest baby is heading to Kindergarten. We are all thrilled and ready to enter a new chapter as a family with a kiddo in BIG KID SCHOOL (as we call it at our house!) School supplies, backpack/lunch box, shoes and clothes are purchased and the last few weeks of summer are upon us.

Read every evening is a key part of our day and I have rounded up some great options for finding a book about Kindergarten.

The Night Before Kindergarten

To the tune of Twas the Night before Christmas this book about Kindergarten is a fun and uplifting take on a classic. While the character is scared about leaving mom and dad you will soon read about all of the fun that comes with heading to school.

book about kindergarten

We Don’t Eat Our Classmates

Penelope is a dinosaur starting school for the first time, and she’s got a big problem—all her classmates are delicious! This is a great book about Kindergarten and the best ways to make friends (step one—don’t eat them), and it’s also hysterically funny, which will help soothe nerves about the first day.

book about Kindergarten

The Kissing Hand

 Chester Racoon is reluctant to go to school until his mom plants a kiss in his hand and shows him how to use the kiss to comfort himself if he gets homesick. Parents can take a cue from this to do all kinds of things—a kiss on top of the head, or a hug to put in a pocket—something the child can remember and use to self-soothe during those first few weeks of K.

Little Critter First Day of School

Little Critter is a bit nervous about starting school today. There’s a lot to be done before he can even get on the bus—he has to pick out his clothes, find his backpack, pack the perfect lunch, and say good-bye to Mom. We love the classic Little Critter books and this book about Kindergarten is no exception.

The Berenstain Bears Go To School

All the cubs in Bear Country are ready for the new school year . . . except for Sister Bear. She is about to start kindergarten but can’t stop worrying about what it will be like. Will her teacher be nice? Will she make friends? What will she do all day in class? Sure enough, Sister Bear learns that she had nothing to worry about and that school is actually a fun and exciting place to be. Berentstain Bears never get old in our house and this book about Kindergarten is a total keeper!

On the First Day of Kindergarten

Perfect for nervous/excited kids about to go to kindergarten (and their parents!). This fun twist of of The Twelve Days of Christmas classic convinces families that there is no place better than a kindergarten classroom.

Adventurous Annie Goes to Kindergarten

Annie is ready for an adventure in Kindergarten that isn’t quite accurate. She saves the day when two classmates get lost and is a great, funny book about Kindergarten to get everyone ready for the adventure.

What a big adventure we are all about to embark on! Buckle up parents, its a new chapter of parenting! What are you most nervous about? What are you most excited about?

How is your family preparing for Kindergarten?

Remember that change is exciting but can also be frightening. Talk to your rising Kindergarten student about their feelings. Validate that being scared and nervous is OK. Share your feelings as a parent too! Prepare for the transition by attending orientations and meet the teacher events. You can practice getting on the bus and crossing the road safely. Drive by the school, go play on the playground and practice packing a lunch. Anything that will help calm the fears of all of the new things he/she will be doing is a great idea! Provide something for your child to tangibly touch when feeling nervous throughout the day. Items like a felt heart, a rock, a matching bracelet/necklace to remind he/she that you are thinking of them throughout the day.

If you are as much of a book worm as we are, check out these great Usborne Book options as well! This post was developed with input from Chesterfield County Public Library. Parents – check your local library for story times and events in addition to checking out books! We are so thankful for our wonderful staff at the Midlothian VA library!



28 thoughts on “Finding a great book about Kindergarten

  1. This is so perfect, because I have a little one just starting kindergarten. Thanks for the suggestions, there are few we haven’t read that we will have to add to our list.

  2. This was an awesome read! Thank you for sharing! I can’t wait to share this post with some of my kingergarten mamas!

  3. These are the cutest books! I want to read the “We Don’t Eat Our Classmates” book. My mom teaches kinder and so I’ve always had a fondness for children’s books

  4. These are fun book suggestions! I’ll definitely and check out and pick out some for my class!

  5. This is an excellent list of kindergarten books! My son is not in kindergarten yet, but will definitely save for future reference!

  6. We don’t eat our classmates 😂 So stinkin cute! I always remember reading the Berenstain Bears growing – this is such a great choice for kids on their first day of school!

  7. these are all so adorable but i have a special love for the berenstein bears! they were my childhood!

  8. So many great cute books! My friend who has a toddler has “We don’t Eat Our Classmates” that I read to her and it’s so cute!

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