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    Boy or Girl? Gender revealed!


    I have found that the more pregnancies and children I have, the more bizarre the questions and statements have become.  For example, many people (even strangers) flat out asked if baby 3 was planned or a surprise and seemed to have no problem inquiring about my reproductive decisions.  I heard “Won’t you be so disappointed if it’s another boy?” “When is your husband getting a vasectomy?” or something along the lines of “But you already have two such beautiful little boys, why would you have another?”  “You won’t have enough hands!” or “You are going to be so tired, why didn’t you plan for a bigger gap in between kids?”

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    Mom Style: Simple Addiction

    Ohhhh how style changes when you become a mother!  I will confess that prior to having my first baby, I owned 45 Lilly Pulitzer dresses.  I wore them everywhere.  But, suddenly those short slim…

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    Car search for 3 kids 4 and under…

    Cassie, my Toyota Camry, was my first “big girl purchase” right out of grad school and I bought her new at a local Toyota dealership.  We are in it for the…

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    Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

    I am not sure about you guys, but every time I see a friend or log into social media someone is having a baby!  It got me thinking, how did you…

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    Cabin fever is a real phenomenon. I know, because, I currently suffer from it. I am not a fun mom that spends all day romping in the snow with my kids.…

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    Barre Babe in RVA

    It’s no secret that I love Pure Barre – the community, the workout, the apparel, the form, the support from other girls in class to raise my heels higher, and shake…

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    Subscription Meal Boxes- Yay or Nay?

    My mailbox was filling up with free cards and discounts for various meal subscription boxes. I discarded them as a waste of money and not necessary for our family since I…

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    H20 + Hydration

    New Year, New You? It’s time for packed gyms, resolutions, and emphasis on being healthier and fit in 2018. Part of fueling your body is making sure you are hydrated.  Not…

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    Crock Pot Chicken Tortilla Soup

    I love Panera – endless bread, sweets, and the best soup ever? Need I say more?  Their Southwest Chicken Soup is LEGIT.  We’ve been sick and hanging out at home more…