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    Its Time For a Change


    “Miss W, are you Mexican?” was one of the first questions I was asked after I started working as a social worker in a Elementary School in Richmond, Virginia.  I paused and responded “What makes you ask that, D?”  “Well, you are not black. Your skin is light. You have blue eyes.” He really looked confused and was really checking out my skin and my hair.  “My mom and dad are both white and I am white.”  D looked at me a little puzzled and said “No, Miss W, what are you?” in a joking tone.  “I’m white D, I promise. What made you want to ask that?”  His response has haunted me since the moment the following words left his lips “Because white people don’t come here Miss W.”

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    Pizza Dips

    I am incapable of doing complicated things in life right now.  So this easy lunch or dinner option fits in perfectly right now! Don’t let this easy option pass you by!…

  • Family

    Baby Fever

    Does it ever go away? Seriously, to all the fellow baby loving, smooching, cooing, snuggling baby obsessed fellow people out there – does the baby fever ever end?…

  • Food

    New Kid on the Block – Lidl

    Richmond, Virginia – we have a New Kid on The Block and his name is Lidl.  I have discussed grocery store comparisons in the past & you can find that post here. But,…

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    Chicken Crescent Roll Ups

    My husband left the 100 degree plus heat in Virginia and headed to Boston last Sunday and has been sleeping in a soft comfy bed without little people limbs draped over him, eating…

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    Barre so hard

    My love of health and fitness began well, in utero. I have a journal that my mom kept daily when she was pregnant with me and often wrote about how she…

  • Fitness

    Goal Digger

    We are a little over halfway through 2017, how are you doing with your goals?  Did you know that only 8 percent of people meet their New Years Resolution goals? EIGHT!?…

  • Family

    Less is more, right?

    “We need a bigger house, the boys have no room to run inside.” “We need a SUV, its packed in here.” These are frequent statements Ive made to my husband in…

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    Cheers to the dad’s!

    This morning we spent time crafting our homemade Fathers Day Gifts for the 3 most special men in our life; daddy, Pawpaw, and Poppa! It was fun, easy, and we think…

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    Energy Bites

    Tis the season of children home from school and a never ending trail of hungry children to feed all day long. Instead of endless fruit snacks, candy, and chips try to…