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Moving into a home that needs updating and renovating can be overwhelming and exhausting. The Smiths have now done it twice. So many products and so few dollars?! We totally get those woes. Not sure where to start?

I like to start with the rooms where my family spends the most time aka the living room and kitchen. For all you fellow moms out there you know I am not lying when I say I spend 99% of my time in kitchen getting snacks, cooking, cleaning up, or planning the next meal. If I am going to spend 99% of my time there it needs to look good.

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My first order of business was busting out those faded, brown (ish), straight out of 1980 original to the house laminate counters and replacing with something lighter and brighter.

So where should YOU start? Discuss your budget. Depending on how much you have in the reno fund will outline options for material.

If you are a Pinterest loving fool like me – make a vision board and gather some inspiration. Here’s an idea of what it could look like:

Go check out a showroom / see the color palettes in person. You may find something you thought you loved online isn’t what you really want in person. Have a knowledgeable staff walk you around to show you what’s available and explain the different surface options.

Quartz counter tops are a popular choice for high style that is durable. The combination of engineered stone made from quartz crystals and a non-porous binder results in minimal maintenance for busy families.

-Speciality surfaces like semi precious stone, hand crafted wood, decorative tile and stainless steel are options you don’t see regularly but are available for true customization and a unique look.

-Natural stone is a classic option and includes granite, marble, soapstone, limestone, and Quartzite. Granite is extremely popular for many households due to resistance to burns and stains, marble is a great high end option and is great for heat in kitchens. Soapstone requires additional care but is ideal for bathrooms due to resists in humid temperatures. Quartzite is created by using sandstone and adding heat and pressurization.

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Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t despair there are knowledgeable staff who can help guide you to the right product.

Get an estimate.

Sleep on it – home changes are important. Don’t rush into a huge decision. You’ll want it to be something you’ll love 5,10,20 years down the road.

Ways to save – Our kitchen is pretty small so we were able to snag Marble for 3 bathrooms and our kitchen because a larger job had a slab leftover.  Be sure to check in about doing the same if you do not have a large space to cover. It will save you a LOT! We were not even entertaining marble because we initially thought it would be way out of our price range.  

Premier Surfaces Richmond VA Countertops has 14 public showrooms all over the US. Their staff are friendly helpful and reliable and are ready to help you with your Reno needs! They take in pride in fabricating an unparalleled selection of various high-quality, versatile materials in a vast range of color selections. Their wide collection of products includes such recognizable brands as Caesarstone, Cambria, Silestone and Viatera, in addition to their proprietary selection of quartz countertops.

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What counters do you have in your home? Love them or want to redo? Would love to hear about your process and see pics!




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