Beauty Subscription Boxes – A Go or a No?


There are so many options when it comes to beauty brands and ads and I find myself struggling with which brands are worth trying, what price point am I most comfortable with, and where to begin. This is where beauty boxes come in handy, because if you are short on extra cash but want to try various products or treat yourself each month, then it’s a great and affordable way to splurge!

But, here’s the catch – how do you even begin to select a beauty box?

There are also a million options for those as well!  I have shared in the past many times that I am not a beauty guru. I keep it simple – mascara and lip gloss if I am feeling fancy.  I struggle with the complicated routines and needing a lot of products to execute a look.  I decided I would round up some of the beauty boxes available, give them a try, and share whether they are worth it or not!


  1. Birch Box
  • Price: 10$ a month for 5 sample sized products (They run promos a lot for extra products for new members – for example if you start a 6 month subscription now, you receive an additional bag of 6 products for free with code SUMMERBAG). The May Box had a value of 70$, so good value at a 10$ price point.
  • Quality of products: I received 2 duplicate products which was disappointing.  In my first box I got Lipp lip balm, Winky Lux Lip Gloss, ARROW ENHANCE Eye Brightener, Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle, and volume spray.
  • Best Product I received that I would use again: Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle – I have actually stopped using traditional conditioner and just use 2-3 squirts of this on my long thick hair. Since I am the only girl in my household, I was the only one using conditioner anyways and this is way easier.  It smells great and leaves my pool hair feeling strong and smooth. Snag an 8oz bottle for 23.50 and it would last a while.
  • Features I liked/did not like: You can log back into the website and see your previous samples if you forget the name/brand of something you want to purchase with coupon codes sent with your boxes. They also have a featured section on website with various kits you can purchase with specific themes like fragrance, eyeliner, dry shampoo etc. if you are looking for one genre of product.


  1. Ipsy
  • Price: 10$ a month for full and sample sized products & the bag is an actual bag, not a paper box. Cute to use in lots of capacities and who couldn’t use an extra bag for your purse, change, or products.  I have 5 free Ipsy bags to give away to friends, let me know if you are interested, I will send your way! Total value of my box was around 100$.
  • Quality: Firma Elite Beauty Brush, Pacifica Eyeshadow Palette, Caudalie Moisturizing Sorbet, MAC Prep and Prime Skin,  Hanalei Lip Treatment
  • Best Product: If I had to choose I think the Caudalie Moisturizing Sorbet is the best product, but it’s pretty pricey at 40.00 for 1.3oz.
  • Features I liked/ did not like: You may be on a wait list for the bag, but can bypass by sharing on social media when spots open! None of the products I received were ones that I felt like were earth shattering or must haves. You can review the items you get in your box and redeem towards discounts / free products which is a great option if there are items you do want.


  1. Julep – You may know Julep for their nail polish boxes, but they offer makeup and skin care as well or a box with a combo of nails and beauty products which is an interesting twist compared to their competition.
  • Price: 24.99$ a month for full sized products. If you check out their promos, you can score a box at a great deal like I did for 3 full size products for free just pay 3.99 shipping for 48 dollar value. Right now, they are offering 12 full size nail polish set for free when you join for beauty box subscription. Use code POLISHGIFT (168$ value)  This would be an amazing gift to snag and save for a holiday gift or present for a friend!
    • Quality: I snagged a full size When Pencil Met Gel Eyeliner, Diamond bronzer powder, and Feels like Velvet Eyeshadow which was a great deal at 1$ for each product.  I was able to select the colors, so I knew I would be pleased.
    • Best Product: Bronzer will come in handy when I am pale in the winter again! I tucked these products away to keep and use when my current products run out!
    • Features I liked/ did not like: The price point is high for a monthly box, in my opinion. 25$ a month is more than I personally want to spend on a small splurge. I also tend to like trying various brands of products to find the right option for me vs all of one brands products, like Julep.


  1. Allure
  1. Walmart
  • Price: 5$ box delivered one a quarter per season with sample sized products. You can also snag limited time boxes on your local Walmart shelves as well, which is what I snagged!
  • Quality: Value isn’t touching anywhere close to the other brands, however I like that Walmart has an affordable version for anyone. The price point on the individual items are more affordable for mass public.  I got a Time For Eyes Favorites Box and a Lip Box for 5$ each.  The lip and eye boxes were very impressive – packed with 6 FULL sized products and would make awesome boxes to save for holidays/gifts!
  • Best Product: You will find everyday products like Aquaphor, Dove, Aveeno, Biore, etc. But, it’s a great way to try a new product from a line/brand you already know for a really cheap price!
  • Features I liked/ did not like: All of the products you receive, are found at your local Walmart.  The most affordable box of all! I think this simple box is a great option for your daughter or teenager!


  1. Target
  • Price: 7$ – and sell out really fast every time, so act fast when you see available
  • Quality: The June box was filled with Eylure Accents, Garnier Micellar Water, Neutrogena Hyrdo Boost Mascara, Colgate Toothpaste, Sleek MakeUP Major Matte Lip Cream, Up&Up Premium Cotton Rounds, & Good Chemistry Fragrance. Nothing noteworthy or exciting in my opinion.
  • Features I liked/ did not like: Not impressive, Target stocks a lot of beauty brands and could do a better job including more / higher value products to try.
  1. Boxy Charm
  • Price: 21$ a month. There is usually a wait list, so hurry up and snag one now while the waitlist is off!
  • Quality: A friend, Britny, (Check out her  Instagram, linked shes amazing) shared her intel on BoxyCharm as a box subscriber for me. She has received full size makeup palettes, mascaras, illuminates, and makeup brushes.  She does amazing hair and makeup as a career and on her own beautiful face and says she loves the brands they use: Tarte, Cover FX, Kat Von D, and learning about new brands.
  • Best Product: The June box provides a set of 3 Luxie brushes, retailing at 42$ alone. This by far is the standout item from their last box.
  • Features I like/do not like: The value of the box is knocking the others out of the park.


What to do with the products you receive and know you will not use?  Don’t trash em!!!

Here are a few ideas:

  • Save them and add to gifts for friends who are beauty product lovers
  • Have a swap party and trade products/clothes with friends for some fun girl time! Everyone leaves with new items that appeal to them!
  • Donate to a local women’s shelter or nonprofit

Overall – consensus is I like the idea. It’s a fun welcome surprise each month if you are interested in trying new products. Necessary? Nah.  If I had to pick one box, Boxy Charm is packing the best punch in terms of value and size of products.

Or you can do what I did – try a few boxes and cancel them after that first month. My makeup bag is OVERFLOWING with so many brands and products and I will not need to buy anything for a LONG LONG time.

What subscription beauty boxes have you tried? Which do you love? Worth the price? Let me hear it!



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    Kari @The He Said She Said Experience
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    I really liked seeing the comparison of these different boxes. I’ve always wanted to try one. I’ll have to refer to this list.

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      June 27, 2018 at 4:15 pm

      Same but sooooooo many to pick from and so many I didn’t even touch on! Gets overwhelming! But I say boxycharm, Ipsy or Birchbox prob the best !

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