Review of Diaper Bags – The Search for the Best


Moms carry A LOT of stuff; toting bags and snacks and wipes and toys even for the shortest trip.  Ask any mom you know for a random Band-Aid, action figure, snack or water and I bet she will have it plus many other items that her children require on a moment’s notice.

So, where do moms put it all? Read on to find out which diaper bags have been tried, tested, and which made the cut!

Once you have multiple kiddos, especially ones close in age like our crew, you need a bag that is functional to suit items for various ages and you need your hands free to grab a runaway kiddo at any moment.  I have tried what felt like a million various options and really struggled to find one that was affordable, functional, and visually appealing.   A mom friend and I were spending hours of our conversations about how we felt like it was impossible to find a good bag and I realized if we couldn’t find a good fit, you were likely having the same struggle!

Stay tuned to find out which one she picked as she prepares to welcome her second kiddo and which bag I have used for the last 4 years that was unexpected but works every day in any scenario.

  1. Kate Spade Watson Lane Betheny Bag – It’s big and open! Perfect for tossing items in but then had to dig around a lot on inside to find items that had slipped around and were hiding in corners. It was constantly falling into my way when bending down or grabbing something. The interior zips closed and boasts pockets for bottles and a changing mat. Overall, disappointing and I felt like I was just paying for the brand not for how helpful it was.  Cute, Yes. Functional, Nah. At a price tag of 348$ it didn’t make it in my house.
  2. Coach – Price tag of 295$. You can wear on shoulder or as a cross body bag. It’s got a changing pad and two side pockets. Fabric lining and lining trim sounds great and looks good, but let’s be real my kiddo didn’t care who manufactured my bag. We had Goldfish spills, water drips, and sticky fingers all over that bag in no time.  Wasn’t practical for my mommy life on the go and the price tag felt more for the brand and less for function.  Not a keeper for us.
  3. Petunia Pickle Bottom BackPack– I ordered the Glazed option and it was big and boxy. It felt uncomfortable and way too large on my back. I loved the print choices available and it definitely met my visual standards in terms of stylish mom factor but always felt like it was a burden. Petunia Pickle Bottom features: a built-in changing station, plenty of pockets, magnetic closure, a grab handle, stroller straps, and multiple carrying options (backpack and cross-body / shoulder). It also has an easy-to-clean coated canvas exterior and water-resistant linings – perfect for those everyday spills and messes.   Overall, not a fan.  Got in the way instead of being helpful.  Price: 189$.
  4. Juju Be – Can wear as a backpack or cross body with detachable straps. Smaller but has a lot of compartments which is great for organization. Inside organization includes 4 gusseted pockets, 3 zippered pockets & lots of wide open space! Insulated bottle holders which is nice for warm outdoor play dates for a refreshing sip of water. Front pocket can be used for mom items like wallet, cell phone, keys, etc. Has adorable print options like anchors, stripes, and polka dots – all gender neutral too! Price: 180$ and free shipping. Bags have a lifetime warranty and are all machine washable.  This is a great, comfortable option for moms.
  5. Freshly Picked– Can wear three ways: as a shoulder purse, backpack, or cross-body bag. It’s cute and doesn’t scream diaper bag if you are a fashion forward mama! The surfaces can be wiped down and it has 10 different compartments if you like organization. Changing pad is included as well. Price: 175$ for the Stone Diaper Bag.
  6. Skip Hop Back Pack – Price Tag of 70$ makes it the cheapest option on our review.  Two bottle pockets on sides, small zippered and elastic pouches in the front and the main larger component in back. The straps are really short and it felt like a big empty box.  Real life mom review was that is felt really boxy and awkward.

So what did my mom friend choose? She narrowed it down to the Freshly Picked and the Juju Be but ultimately picked the Juju Be.  Why? Because it was easy to pack up, grab and go. It felt comfortable for her body and like she could pack items for both kiddos without major stress.  She was able to use coupon codes and shop around and find for 130$!


So, what do I use for my two/soon to be three kids? My husband’s North Face book bag from college. Yep, circa 2004 North Face book bag has held up in any scenario, fits all items PERFECTLY, and is the only bag that I have been consistently happy with for toting kid items for the last four years.  You could say that it’s gotten its money’s worth getting him around college for 4 years, me in Grad School for another year, and now for 4 more years as a parent. Well worth the 75$ price tag.  Has a lifetime warranty, pockets for cups, main compartment, small compartment in back for laptop or additional kid items, and two compartments in front zipper area.  I use clips on the side of the bookbag to clip on a lunch box full of snacks and off we go for a day of fun at the park, museum, or garden.  I can fit SO MUCH in the backpack and it’s not heavy or cumbersome.  Not super cute, but it works and I’ve been so pleased. I am also long past the days of fashionista motherhood with my boy crew so the lack of “cuteness” no longer bothers me! If we are going out for a quick errand I use my Longchamp medium sized purse that I use daily and throw diapers/wipes/snacks in and that works great as well! I can wipe it down and toss in unlimited items. Not to mention, it lasts FOREVER.  So, as you can see, I ended up with a diaper bag that wasn’t really a diaper bag.  Sure wish I had saved myself a lot of money and time 4 years ago, but hoping it will help you on your hunt!


What diaper bags do you use and love?



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    Kari @The He Said She Said Experience
    May 18, 2018 at 3:04 pm

    I had always wanted a diaper bag like the kind I used to see when I was growing up. With our first I got an Eddie Bauer one that was too bulky and even though it had a lot of storage was just too big to practical in some situations. I got a cute Winnie the Pooh diaper bag from Amazon and it was really inexpensive and works perfectly for us.

    • Reply
      May 19, 2018 at 12:13 am

      That sounds adorable! Who doesn’t love Winnie the Pooh. It’s so funny you say that bc the diaper bag my mom used with me was a hand made bear one that she LOVED. I’m pretty sure it’s in my
      Attic now and it’s probably the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen and not practical at all 😂

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