Pregnancy Announcement Ideas


I am not sure about you guys, but every time I see a friend or log into social media someone is having a baby!  It got me thinking, how did you announce to friends and family that you and your partner were expecting?  Did you call, write, or share the news in person? Did you post a picture of a sonogram or create a photo op with a pet to share the news?  I have gathered my favorite pregnancy announcement pictures with my all time faves for you all.

  1. Don’t want to use family pictures, but want a simple option? These safety pins are stinking adorable and way easier than fighting kiddos or pets to comply with poses or signs.


2. Have a fur baby that must be in on the action? Love this bulldog announcement!


3. This classic sonogram and calendar picture is a easy way to spread the word.


4. These oversized balloons from Party City(2$) are so perfect for a announcement with a bang.


5.  Love this option with the parents legs and pet with little one holding sonogram.


-A simple back shot of siblings holding hands is always a sure bet for melting hearts!


But my favorite announcement may be this one.  Call me biased, but this announcement is pretty darn special.


We are so excited to share that we are due in August 2018 with Baby #3 for the Smith household.  Follow along as we adjust and grow to include the 5th member of the crew and find out whether it’s pink or blue!

Whatever you do and however you share – make it your own.  What a great memory to have down the road when the babies grow up and have babies of their own!











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