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I have always been a huge planner nerd. I love using pencils, pens, sharpies, and highlighters to track and mark off dates and tasks. I love colorful week views with pretty pictures and stickers to commemorate this amazing journey we call life. It warms my heart to see birthdays and anniversaries of loved ones filling my days. I have tried various scheduling and calendar apps and for a brief time used a shared calendar with my husband on our I-phones but it doesn’t quite bring me the joy that a tangible paper planner does. I get giddy about flipping to a fresh day, week, or month. Buying a new planner for the New Year brings me joy knowing it’s a new opportunity for setting crushing goals.

Historically, I would end up toting around a personal planner, a work planner, a fitness planner and my bag would be 600 lbs. and I couldn’t keep track of my 89 planners. I would routinely throw them all out and go buy a new brand in attempt to manage the chaos that is a busy working blogger mom’s life. It was a cycle of not enough space to track it all in one spot. So, I began my quest for one planner that did it all.

I FOUND IT!!!! Search no farther, the Erin Condren planner has met and exceeded all of my needs. Here is a quick synopsis of why I love my EC and how I use in hopes that it helps all of my busy mom friends in managing their daily lives a bit more efficiently.


Life Planner with Flamingo Cover option.

I have the coiled which comes in a 7×9 size. Erin Condren is different from other planners because its tailored to you – not a one size fit all approach.  No predetermined pages or layouts.  No blah – black and boring planner. This is a planner that allows you to be YOU!

  • Customizable, individualized covers – there are 66, yes I said 66, options. From botanicals, pineapples, donuts, to cactus, quotes, and metallic you can find or design a cover that is 100% you. I selected the pink Flamingo cover and I am OBSESSED. Its bold, pink, and girly which fits me pretty well. The cover is thick – I throw it in my bag and lug it around and the edges have not budged. You can also change out the covers if you have commitment issues.  Buy a few and change with the season, your mood, whatevs!
  • Layout – You can choose 1 of 3 layout options – Vertical, Horizontal or Hourly!◦The vertical layout is my home run because it provides 3 sections that can be used for a flow that fits you. The three boxes are great for a morning, afternoon, night or home, school, work structure.  I follow the morning, afternoon, night layout and it is easy for me to track my appointments, meals, workouts, and information that needs to be captured and remembered.  The hourly option would be great for someone whose schedule is blocked by hour appointments.  But, the best part is that it doesn’t specify the structure for you. You are not tied to one layout for an entire year. One of my biggest problems with previous planners was that the pages were predetermined for fitness, work, home life and to add the other facets into a preplanned layout never seemed to work.
  • Coils – Yes, you can even choose your coil color from platinum, gold, rose gold or matte black. I have silver and love the shine! The coils are really thick and sturdy. Again, you don’t want a cheap coil holding up this book. It will hold up long after the calendar is done.
  • Monthly page – You have a tabbed monthly page with a quote to set you off on the right path. The overall monthly page houses the numeric dates in a small box similar to the traditional monthly planner view. I use this page as a major highlight events; birthdays or appointments that I want to stand out and not get lost in the weekly or day hustle and bustle. What sets Erin Condren’s monthly section apart is at the end you have what I like to call a “Recap” page. This is where I look back over the month and write down what I accomplished, what important things happened during that month, what I read, where I went.   I tend to always highlight a particular quote that seemed to fit the month overall as I look back.
  • Weekly view – you will see the seven days laid out by day of week and number. There is space on the left side and bottom to add additional to do lists or check off items. I tend to use this space for quotes that are speaking to me and a reminder of who I need to call.
  • Overview section – I call this my yearly overview but it can be whatever you like.   I use each box for a month and I write down my overarching goals, this section is just for me. My personal motivation if you will.  I have seen this section be used for budgeting goals or quotes or memorable events as well as quotes that are speaking to me and a reminder of who I need to call.
  • Paper quality is on point. The pages are high quality cardstock that does not bleed, even with thick markers/pens. The pages feel “legit” to me when moving back and forth. The thicker page also holds up well from high usage and doesn’t rip or tear easily.
  • Lined notes section at the back of the planner – this is where I write my to read book list, my brainstorming page for future blog posts, my dreaming and doodling occurs on these pages.
  • Coloring pages – who doesn’t love a good adult coloring page? You will find 4 in the back of your book. Doodle while waiting in line or take a few minutes a day to get creative and rejuvenate your mind.
  • Dry erase page back cover – Plans change, due dates are re-arranged, life happens. Use this as a real time changing cover to adjust as needed. LOVE this option.
  • IMG_20170823_162741.jpg
  • Storage – you will get a clear zipper pouch in the back of your planner and there is a handy dandy folder for things that you don’t want to fall out! I use it to house bills or receipts.
  • •Extras – your purchase comes with stickers, a detachable ruler, a yearly perpetual calendar, 3 positivity cards, and a post card!
  • If you are still on the fence, these babies are made in the U S of A! Don’t delay, set yourself up for success and snag one of these beauties. Don’t let another month of poor planning, forgetting events, and lack of organization add to the chaos that is adulting. Create a beautiful and creative home for even the most mundane tasks.  Find some creative pens, washi tape, and stickers and design a life you love.IMG_20170822_163731

    Make the most of every opportunity to create beauty and organization in your busy life. – This link will lead you to ordering and use Welcome10 for a 10$ off!Happy Planning,



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    August 25, 2017 at 6:28 pm

    I absolutely LOVE my Erica Condren planner. This is my first time using one and I’m so excited to start thinking about the one I’m going to get for next year! Also, your creative writing skills are on point. I might need some help decorating my planner. lol

  • Reply
    August 26, 2017 at 6:03 pm

    You got it !!! 🙂

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