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IMG_20170814_100550Calling all beauty and skin care lovers!  Starting August 1, 2017 – Saks is offering Beauty Rewards for all SaksFirst Card Holders.  If you already have a SaksFirst Card, you are enrolled and in luck.  Your SaksFirst and rewards accounts are already rolled into one card.  Easy Peasy right?  But before you run to your nearest Saks and buy ALL.THE.THINGS, let me give you the details on what is in the Beauty Box #1 and how to earn!


If you don’t already have a SaksFirst Card, and want to apply you can do so here.  You will receive a Welcome gift of a SaksFirst Beauty Notebook, 10% off of first day purchases, and will begin to accumulate points for gift cards.  When you accumulate 250$ in purchases you will receive a Beauty Box with lots of goodies!

You may remember I was at Saks in May for their Summer Beauty Week Kick off and I dished all of my beauty secrets, well lack thereof, to Kat.  If you missed that visit and all of the Lancôme products I tried, check it out here.  It was SO MUCH FUN and I really was able to find a skin care regimen that I have maintained easily since that day.  I am happy to report that I now have moisturized and put on a day/night cream every single day since then and its been so easy to build into my AM / PM routine.  The boys and I have been outside every day, all day and I have moisturized and used the daily serum without fail and I’ve noticed a huge difference in the hydration of my skin and facial lines (This is what having two boys so close in age does to ya!)

I was asked to come back this week to see the beautiful ladies of Saks to try out the Beauty Box Reward 1 items:


  • Lancôme – Definicils Mascara. This is a hands down winner.  I was able to try this on my first visit in May and I have worn it daily since.  It doesn’t clump and makes your lashes long and dark without requiring multiple attempts or layers.  Its a small tube and easy to throw in your purse for pre work AM application or PM pre date night drinks! I truly can’t say enough about how much I love this mascara.  My .07 FL OZ tube from May still has lots of use left, which makes it even more worth the $27.50 purchase price.
  • Yves Saint Laurent Mini Rogue Pur Couture -Lipstick HUBBA HUBBA.  I put this on and was a little hesitant. It looked so bright and I’m not really a lipstick gal. (I usually use Vaseline).  I always feel like an imposter when I wear it and feel like I am 5 and playing dress up with my moms lipstick all over my face.  I won’t lie – my first thought was – “This looks ridiculous, I should wipe it off.” But, I gave it 15 minutes and snagged another view in the mirror and really liked it!  I took my kids to the neighborhood park 5 hours later and I couldn’t believe it was still as bright as when I applied it even after eating, drinking, and giving the boys 5,000 kisses.  I am glad I took a risk and wore it – I like the bold color! Wearing right red lipstick reminds me that everybody deserves to feel beautiful even if you are just strolling kiddos to the park.  Try something new and dind your shade (There are 59 shades to choose from) and rock it to the gym, the drop off school line, lunch date, work, around the house, date night, wherever it is you are going! (And send me pics!!!)

YSL Lipstick!

  • Prada Olfactories Un Chant D’Amour Eau de Parfum – How to describe this scent? Light, feminine, and refreshing.  Saks describes it as “The long-awaited retreat beneath cool, crisp layers of white cotton. A tender immersion. Un Chant D’Amour is the scent of stolen moments of peace, at once calming and invigorating.”  Agreed, Saks. Its amazing.  I likely wouldn’t typically splurge on this for myself, because its pricey, but to get it added in the Beauty Box was such a special treat!
  • Kiel’s Since 1851 Midnight Recovery Botanical Cleansing Oil – It is made of 10 essential oils and botanicals.  I love that its Paraben, fragrance, water, and mineral oil free.  Ive been searching for ways to simplify the items I am using on my body and this product feels like something that fits the mold.  You only need 2-3 drops and it rubs in very easily.  Doesn’t leave my skin feeling oily after application and in the morning my face feels baby bottom smooth.


But wait – not done yet! There are 3 other beauty boxes to earn. YES 3!!!!

When you reach $500 in spending you receive Box 2 – which has 9 additional products inside along with Box 1 that I just described above!  Box 3 will be yours when you hit 750$ in spending – along with Box 3 comes Box 1 & 2 AND a Special Holiday Reward.

Lastly, for the mega shop till you drop girlfriends – You are going home with Boxes 1, 2, 3, and 4 AND a At home service which includes a makeover, beauty drawer audit, makeup tutorial, skincare for the season, and a fragrance consultation if you hit 1000$. This link will show you the other boxes in greater detail.


Before you write off this as an option – this reward goes through the end of the year. Think about your holiday shopping, hostess gifts, teacher gifts, and consolidating shopping to Saks and using your card to earn these amazing rewards.

If you don’t want to wait until the end of the year to earn your rewards (Who would?!) then here is one idea to get to box 1 reward easily:

  • Spend 150$ in Decorté and Receive a Signature Cosmetic Case featuring deluxe samples of Clean & Pure Refreshing Foam Cream Wash, Clean & Pure Hydrating Rich Milk Cleanser, Vi-Fusion Essence Micro-Treatmeant Fluid Serum, and Environmental Day Cream


  • Spend 75$ at Lancome before September 14, 2017 and receive deluxe samples of Tonique Confort, Advanced Genifque, Bi-Facil and a Hypnose Drama Mascara. (HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend these products).  If nothing else go sit down with Kat at the Lancome counter and chat. She’s the sweetest and really knowledgeable about skin tones, products, and realistic about busy mom beauty regimens.


These two would get you 25$ away from your first reward box and also give you PLENTY of other freebies! Why not maximize your goodies and leave your beauty products well stocked for a long time!

This SaksFirst Beauty reward is available through 12/31/2017! Happy Shopping Friends!




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