Fathers Day Craft Ideas


This morning we spent time crafting our homemade Fathers Day Gifts for the 3 most special men in our life; daddy, Pawpaw, and Poppa! It was fun, easy, and we think much more special than any store bought gift!

First we will start with daddy’s gift! For any fellow golf lovers out there this one is for you. Our boys are pretty much stuck with golf since Poppa is a golf professional at Stonehenge Country Club and daddy’s not too shabby either. Our oldest is named after two golfers Palmer (Arnold Palmer) Keegan (Keegan Bradley)! So we got to searching on Pinterest and crafting and this is what we created!

Items needed:

  • 8 x 12 canvas
  • Acrylic Paint  (red, black, white, holiday green, grass green) check out the Craft Smart brand at Michael’s for 75c a bottle.
  • Brushes -we had a multi pack from Michael’s that we love!
  • Marker (used a peach colored and blue – customize colors for you)!


Note: I did the first try on a piece of card stock and I am so glad I did bc my little guys and their wiggly toes did not resemble anything like what we were aiming for. So if your nervous to go straight to canvas like me, do a trial run on paper!

  1. I traced the hand and foot onto canvas with a peach colored light marker. They were giggling and squirming so this was a better option!

2.Drew a grass line about half way down page.

3. Painted the hand print and bottom half of canvas with two two similar shades of green.

4. Used black paint to add flag, strap of golf bag and clubs sticking out of the foot AKA golf bag!

5. Added a dollop of white paint as a ball.

6. Painted in the flag for an extra pop of color.

7. Finished up with a handwritten slogan at the top “Daddy, you are a hole in one!”

PERFECT idea for any golf loving guy on their special day! It will be so fun to look back when they are older and will give daddy great new office decor!

Here is our creation for Poppa!

Next up, our Pawpaw who is the second generation owner of our family construction company. He loves what he does and is beyond talented at creating custom homes all over the Metro Richmond area. It isn’t just a job for him, it’s his life calling. He finds pride in what he does and makes it perfect (now you know where my perfectionism comes from) for the families who will make memories there. We are so proud of him and thankful for the tireless effort to provide us with everything we’ve ever wanted and more growing up. We took pictures with all 4 of his grandchildren who are 4,3,2 and 1 with his company shirts on but wanted to make a handmade gift too. Pintrest had zero ideas for a construction themed craft that fit our special guy so I got to thinking!

Items needed:

  • Markers (black)
  • Acrylic paint (light blue, gray, tan)
  • Brushes
  • Canvas 12 x 24
  1. We let the older 2 cousins use paint on their feet this time and pressed firmly on the canvas.
  2. Traced handle of hammer with gray marker and then filled in with gray paint.
  3. Next we used their pointer fingers to press into canvas as nail heads.
  4. Used gray marker to add bottoms on nails.
  5. Added a faint line of grass on bottom of canvas.
  6. Traced outline of a house and a window /roof on each side and then filled in with blue paint.
  7. Finished by writing Pawpaw, we love building memories with you !

If you have any handy men in your life here’s a easy and fun idea to try!

Edited to add a cool Star Wars themed idea our sweet friend Lorelei made her daddy while we got to hang out with her today!

Cheers to all of the Fathers!



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