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I was invited to partner with Saks Fifth Avenue at Stony Point Fashion Park in Richmond, Virginia to help kick off Summer Beauty Week. I headed on over to their store and sat down at the Lancôme beauty counter to talk to the amazing Kat. When she asked me what my beauty/makeup regimen is – I LOL’d.  Literally giggled and had to say “Well let me tell you about my approach to beauty first.”  Poor Kat, she had no idea what was about to hit her like a steam locomotive.

REAL TALK – I don’t wear any makeup unless I am headed to work 3 days a week. When I am home with the boys and on weekends, it’s a no go.  I’ve used eye liner 4 times in my entire life, I have no idea what a lip liner or eyebrow pencil is supposed to do and I’ve never used either, I don’t wear anything on my lips except for Vaseline when I can find it in my purse, and I don’t use any type of creams, moisturizers, or products.  I wash my face at night when I shower with Target Up &Up brand product.  I fall into bed at night like a character from the Walking Dead.  I have never been a lover of makeup but I do acknowledge it’s necessary to use before work so I don’t terrify my coworkers.  On the days I do wear makeup; I use a light liquid foundation from Make Up For Ever 75% of the time but always wear eye shadow and mascara.  I am applying as a child is grabbing onto my leg or wiping their nose on my shirt and it takes me 120 seconds or less.


Above: Pre – Kat makeup pic with a fresh face and no filter.

Kat likely wanted to run away and hide since I am a beauty guru’s worst nightmare. I love my skin and I the natural look and frankly I don’t have time to stand in front of my mirror for 45 minutes only to go to the park or Children’s Museum.  I am a creature of habit and when I find a product that works I stick with it ‘til death do us part.

Moms on the go: I have earth shattering news – the amazing Kat created a routine that fits into a FAST, easy, natural, and gorgeous regimen that is perfect for me. Best of all, she was once in my shoes! She has survived this stage of life – her own two adult boys are 3 years apart! She was instantly an old friend and knew exactly what I was talking about when I explained my predicament.


(Aren’t those display Pom Poms to die for?! The old cheerleader in me wanted to RAH RAH and do a stunt!)

Here are my light bulb moment takeaways from the amazing Kat and Lancôme:

  • Cleanse away the sunscreen lotion with Galatée Confort and the eye makeup remover Bi-Facil.
    • When cleaning away eye makeup rather than move your hand left to right to clean swipe top to bottom. Your skin around eyes cannot withstand years of wiping and pulling. Swiping top to bottom protects the muscles and keeps your skin looking radiant and taut! (Whoa, genius!)
  • MOISTURIZE, MOISTURIZE, MOISTURIZE. You do not want to look like a dry, crackled, old witch (Well I hope you don’t, but if you do – touché?!). Since its summer in RVA and we will all be outside chasing kiddos at the park and pool – make sure your moisturizer has a SPF in it! Take a few seconds to apply a tiny amount of Bienfait Multi-Vital Cream before you head out into the heat.
  • Teint Idole Ultra Liquid 24 Hour SPF 15 Foundation – a tiny bit goes a long way! Let a Lancôme expert match to your skin tone. I am Buff right now and Ivorie in Fall/Winter when I turn back into Casper the friendly ghost.
  • Eye shadow – Use two similar colors with a slightly darker shade on the outside of eye no farther than the end of the brow. Blend together and BAM you are a knock out in that preschool drop off line!
  • The correct mascara is a GAME CHANGER! I already have full lashes so we went the route of Definicils Waterproof lash extender and holy moly. If I had to pick my #1 product that we used and talked about it would be this at a easily affordable price point of $27.50!


Receive a 7-Piece Set featuring deluxe samples with any $75 Lancôme purchase! Don’t miss this awesome opportunity and other special offers Saks has going on!  (The bag is to die for cute and could be easily used as a carry all in a diaper bag too for little items that get lost!)

I can easily cleanse, moisturize and use these products daily and still get out of the door on time (Well, let’s be realistic I am never on time for anything anymore with two kids+ Powhite Parkway traffic) and stay true to who I am.

I left with a pep in my step and told Kat that if I deliver a baby number three in 9 months it’s thanks to her tips! Oh and someone better call 911 ASAP my husband may have just had a heart attack.


Meet Kat – the most adorable and sweet magician beauty guru there is! Go see her and tell her that her hot mess express mom friend Erin said hi!!



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  • Reply
    June 2, 2017 at 8:21 pm

    I love this post! I sometimes don’t feel like a full grown up because I don’t have an elaborate (or any!) beauty routine! I might have to stop by Saks and ask Kat for some tips.

    • Reply
      June 14, 2017 at 12:46 am

      Oh my gosh I feel ya! Kat is amazing ! I have to say the serum has quickly become my fave and I’m noticing a difference already using it every day!

  • Reply
    June 2, 2017 at 8:41 pm

    You’re a doll, before and after! I do love me some beauty posts…especially from people also pregnant with their 3rd kid in the middle of the summer! Everything regarding skin care and beauty feels like work at the end of the day when you were pregnant. Ha ha! #solidarity

    • Reply
      June 14, 2017 at 12:46 am

      You are too kind!

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