It reminds me of the character in Harry Potter, you know, the name you cannot say out loud. If you aren’t a Harry Potter lover like me then I will clue you in, I’m talking about Voldemort. I have a word just like that that I detest. I truly cringe when I hear people say it because its often in relation to their unhealthy food choices and short term gains that do not pay off long term. What is most frustrating is that its not the only definition of the word. The noun definition refers to “the kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats.” I will tell you the word by the end if you havent caught on. But hang with me until then.

Despite the above definition, I find that this word is most commonly referred as a verb in our society: To restrict oneself to small amounts or special kinds of food in order to lose weight. The sentences used is “It’s difficult to _____” and “She ____ed for most of her life.” Synonyms: eat sparingly, lose weight, reduce, slenderize, crash-___.

Does any of that sound appealing? I sure hope your answer is a big ol NO with zero hesitancy. If the above definition sounds like the way you approach food, fitness, or health then I am going to urge you to rethink your outlook towards body image and health goals as of right this moment.

Livestrong reported in 2015 that 62% of adult Americans are overweight and 9 million children. 50 percent of women report that they engage in this type of activity at any given time and 90 percent of teenagers. This has become such an issue that the World Health Organization formally recognized obesity as a global epidemic. Guys, THIS MUST CHANGE!

The word, the one that you wont hear me say in regards to that verb definition above: Diet. Will you stand with me to change the way we view our bodies, food intake, and health to change the future of our children, families, communities, and world? Skip the dieting and eating sparingly, and restricting to small amounts of food. This is NOT the way to change your body long term. It is my personal crusade to ensure that people are better educated about moderation and long term successes versus a number on a scale.
As parents, we are the gatekeepers of nutrition for our families and children. We have so much room to grow if we have 90 percent of our teenagers engaging in these practices. Watch this video from Real Simple. 

Now, step back and think “If your daughter/son was featured in this video what would they say?” What do they hear you say or see you do that shapes and molds their views on health and weight and body image? Be honest with yourself and write down 3 things your child would say now and then make a list of 3 things you would like to replace these with.

Food for thought this Tuesday friends. If you are stuck in a rut doing any of the things above reach out. It is NEVER too late to change. You ARE worth it.




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