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Along with cooking and working out my other true love is reading. I always have at least one book with me at all times. I will use every free moment to crack open a book. Some of my earliest memories involve reading on front porch swing with my grandma, library trips with my mom, and wandering Barnes and Noble for hours to be surrounded by books. Nothing makes my heart happier than being able to take my boys to the same library I frequented as a child with my mom and instill this same love of books. Curling up as an adult and reading is always a good way to escape reality and get lost in a book for me.

There is a corner of my 3 year olds room that has a door up to our attic and is a strange space to fill. Naturally, this book nerd made it a book nook when we moved in a year and a half ago and it will forever remain my favorite spot in the house. I swear to you my heart swells a bit when the boys are both over there and Palmer and Grayson are reading.

If you want to make a book book in your home here are the items needed and directions for under 20$!

Items Needed:

  • Paper Mache Letters
  • Mod Podge – check dollar section at Target too!
  • Scissors
  • Sponge Brush
  • Finishing Spray
  • Command Strips
  • Book pages (I had extra copies of Dr Suess favorites that I used. Could also check out a used bookstore (Book Exchange in Midlothian is great if you are local) or thrift stores too! I also utilized classic color palette so that this book nook could be used for boys or girls rooms since at the time I didn’t know if we were having a boy or girl for baby 2 at the time!)



  1. Find the books that you want to use and peruse the pages to find patterns and colors that you like and begin cutting out the colors and shapes from pages that you want to use.  Side note: I did this step over the course of a few nights after kiddo went to bed. It will take more time and pages than you anticipate after cutting and arranging to fit. I used 8-10 books. Dr. Suess is a classic favorite and I love how bright and colorful the pages are. Depending on your kiddo’s likes/dislikes you could select various themes (e.g. Disney Princess books, Superheroes, Animals, etc). I personally like Dr.Suess for the classic gender neutral look that can grow with my kids over the years even when their taste and likes in books may change.
  2. Begin laying the cut pieces and arranging on the letters without adhering yet. To make it not as overwhelming, I would recommend doing one letter at a time. Get a general layout going before you begin to make it permanent.
  3. Once you have the layout to your liking, get your sponge brush and mod podge ready. I used a cardboard piece from a box under letters so I didn’t get too messy and could push it aside if I couldn’t finish all at once. This is not a do all in one sitting kind of project (At least at Smith household anyways. Real talk: I did this in my master closet on the floor with door shut after my son went to sleep over the course of a week or so as not to wake him). Begin layering the modpodge folowed by your pieces. You will feel like your making a college, hello elementary/middle school flashback! You do not need gobs. Don’t despair the mod podge will dry clear. No need to panic. Apply a thin layer of the mod podge on top. Have fun with this step, there is no right or wrong way. Let the arrangement fall into place. Twist and layer pieces in various directions.
  4. Repeat step 3 until the letter is full. Also consider if you are hanging these higher on the wall like I did that when people are coming into the room they will see the bottoms and inside of the letters. Don’t leave any blank areas so that it looks seamless!
  5. Once the letter is complete allow the mod podge to dry.
  6. Use the finishing spray as a final touch.
  7. Repeat above steps to complete all letters.
  8. Once your letters are to your liking use the hanging strips to press into the wall. Don’t worry about the paint, I have taken ours off and back on with no wear or tear to the paint or walls. They are holding strong a year and a half later!

Optimal / Additional items:

  • Gold storage basket for additional books
  • White shelving
  • Blue chair – this isn’t the exact same chair but similar!
  • Red armchair – look for this around back to college time in summer at Target for cheap!
  • Stuffed animals to accompany your reading selection J We have the classic animals from Dr Suess, Clifford, and Curious George that we pull out when reading those to make it extra special and interactive for little ones!

Updated pic for you with the rocking chairs!

Update:  We changed the seating for the boys in the book nook to antique rocking chairs my grandma found for them! I also FINALLY hung up the custom chevron curtains I had made for my son on Etsy when I found out during pregnancy that he was a boy!  It only took me 2 years to hang at this house, mom fail.  They look great and I will plan on straining the blue chair to match, but just providing an idea for seating for older kids!


How do you organize your children’s books?  Would love to see pics and hear about your themes!

Happy reading,

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    May 8, 2017 at 8:54 am

    Love this! You book nook looks fabulous. Makes a great addition to a child’s room to encourage reading. Thanks for sharing.

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