Women’s Day 365


I was thinking yesterday during International Women’s Day how uplifting and supportive my newsfeed felt. We were virtually high fiving each other’s motivational posts and feeling stronger and more kick ass than normal, right? I was loving it. We were celebrating the accomplishments and hard work women do that often goes unnoticed at work and home.

So why can’t we do that every day? Why as women do we judge, discuss, and critique each other’s every move and knock each other down? But when someone hurts us we get angry? Why do we say it takes a village to raise our children but not really be present or there to help when someone needs it? Why does it feel that we only support each other when it’s convenient or that person is just like you or fits into the guidelines you feel are “right”?

So how about this proposition. Join me in making women’s day a normal everyday way of life. What if we all truly supported each other? Throw social class, school district, home decor, clothes brands, children’s behaviors, education, job title, bank account balance and everything else that doesn’t matter out of the window as of right now.

Check in with your friends, make time to hang out, support each other, and allow other people to feel comfortable opening up and talking about their accomplishments and struggles. Because let’s face it – no one and I mean no one is doing this perfectly. We are ALL trying to do the best we can. 

I get so disappointed when I hear women say that they can’t be friends with other women because they are catty and mean. That they would rather be lonely or just friends with males. We do not have to fight one another. We are not enemies. It is not you vs me. We could all use more people encouraging and supporting each other to make it through hard days and have someone to celebrate the good days with. 

So here is my personal pledge. Anyone want to join? I’d love to create an atmosphere where we can celebrate the amazing accomplishments of women every day.



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