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 Everyone says it. They say don’t blink. It gets so annoying pre-kids to hear that over and over. You brush it off and keep going. I’ll start by saying: don’t blink. 

Because somehow I blinked and here we are with a 3 year old. I will never forget that night in 2013 when the test said what  I had prayed for – pregnant! Your daddy was working late so I rushed to CVS and bought two more tests just to confirm it was really a yes. I sat on the sofa waiting for him to get home and those were the longest 2 hours of my life. I hate secrets! This was the moment I had been planning for my entire life. I was going to be a mommy. 

And here I am – I just put you to bed for the last time as a two year old. Wondering how it went this fast. How did I blink and now my Groundhog Day super bowl baby is a independent, sweet, and silly 3 year old?

Here are a few things I would love to write down so we remember down the road:

  • When you are sleepy you stroke my hair. You have done this since you were an infant and still to this day you’ll say “I have your hair mommy?” When you want to snuggle and go to bed. 
  • You are a mommy’s boy through and through. My kisses and snuggles still cure every fall, bump, scrape and hurt. You might not always run to me for these in future but just know I am always here even when your taller and bigger than me one day. 
  • You love sticks, mud, and trucks but you also love baby dolls and getting your nails painted when mommy paints hers. You breastfeed your babies and shhhh them to sleep. I hope this means one day you will support women all over the world who choose to feed their babies however and wherever they want. I also hope it means you will not be a father who relies or expects the mommy to do it all. I hope you pitch in and do your share. Heck, do more than your share. Being a mommy is hard work and we often aren’t told thank you or good job enough.
  • You are kind and have the best manners. (I’m a sucker for good manners in kids and grown ups). Please don’t lose this. Good manners go a long way. Today you asked the clerk at Target if she was having a good day and said thank you ma’am. It melted my heart because I didn’t have to prompt you. Please open doors for others and respect your elders. It seems cliche to say but it’s so important. 
  • You are sensitive. You cry a lot and your feelings get hurt easily. THAT IS OKAY, in fact it’s more than ok. In a society where men hide their feelings and pretend things are ok, I’m glad you know that it’s safe and ok to express them.  
  • Your smile lights up a room. When you run and hug me when I get home – all is suddenly right with the world. I’m glad to know that you feel safe and celebrated in our home. I hope you know that even when you grow up and move out that you can always stop by for a warm meal, laundry service, or just to hang out. You’ll always have a home with daddy and I even when you have a home of your own.
  • Being a big brother stresses you out especially when Grayson touches your stuff. This is only the start, he’s going to copy everything you do. It will drive you crazy. But being a big sibling is the biggest honor outside of being a parent. He will go to you as a guide and sounding board long after me and daddy aren’t here. Make sure he knows you are his biggest fan. Have his back.  Family may stress you out, but at the end of the day they are all we’ve got.  He will be your best friend forever and ever even when you hate his guts. (PS stop pushing him he’s going to kick your butt he’s really big!)
  • Every night when we lay in bed we talk about our day. On Wednesdays after I’ve been home with you and Grayson all day you always say “Today you no go to work you stay with me and Grayson. It was the best day.” I struggle with balancing work and mommy life. Just know that when I am not with you I am thinking about you every second of the day.  Everything I do – I do for you. 

It’s been a fun ride so far sweet boy. Here’s to the next year of fun, snuggles, superheroes and legos. I love you more than you will ever know. You’ve made me a better person. So I will sign this post a little different than the usual. Because to you, I’m not Erin. Happy 3rd birthday Palmer Keegan!



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