The Game of Life


Are you inspired every day? Do you jump out of bed to work towards a goal or task that fuels your mind, body, and soul? Do you follow your heart and do what you love? 


Do you operate on autopilot Monday through Friday and live for weekend? Do you rely on the newest magazine to tell you what to wear and do? Do you keep a job you hate because it’s what you think is expected of you or because it pays the bills?

That’s not living at all. 

We, as Americans, have this illusion that our lives should be perfect. We are given the idea by media and advertising that if we have the newest outfit, car, bigger home, or fancy furniture that we will be happy.  Deep down we all know this isn’t true but it’s easy to pretend and keep up with the Joneses. 

I have operated under the hustle, grind, and ongoing fight to make more money and rise above my colleagues to climb the ladder and get ahead. I’ve made purchases of items I didn’t need and filled my home with stuff that a month later I haven’t even touched. I’ve blurred the line between want and need. In the last 3 months I let go of this and began to make a calculated effort to think long and hard about the stuff I fill my life and home with. I walked away from my full time job to in pursuit of what sets my soul on fire: my kids. (More to come on how I came to this conclusion and made the jump on this later!) I spent 100$ on Christmas presents for our entire family. I have a outlook that places higher value on relationships, people, and interactions. I am happier now than I have been in a long time. 

If you are ready for a change join me and countless others in asking yourself: Does this add value to my life? Why is this important to me? Focus on making memories in 2017 not accumulating items. Start the year with less clutter and more freedom. 

If you want to be inspired check out The Minimalists. They have a great documentary on Netflix and an awesome website. It will blow your mind! 

If you haven’t checked out the NPR podcast How I Built This do yourself a favor and listen to a few (I recommend Patagonia as a starter!) to hear about people who decided to go out on a whim, take a risk, and do what set their soul on fire and became wildly successful. 

Cheers to a new way of life friends!



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