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I will put it out there from the beginning that I am Type A and an organization freak.  I pack lunches and pick out outfits the night before.  I need easy and routine in the AM to decrease hectic starts to my day.  Having two kids and a husband who doesn’t clean up (Sorry babe,  it’s true!) has helped me embrace dirty, messy, and fun. But, I still find that my household functions more smoothly when we have a plan for the week and are we are all on the same page.  I will share an idea that has helped us and is a is a step in the right direction with making my kitchen cute and is still functional for our busy family.  I turned my kitchen door leading to the garage into a chalkboard station, and I am glad I did!

Items needed:

  • Paint brush – had one from another project but you can find these anywhere! (3$ or less)
  • Wooden letters (I got mine from Michaels – used a 20% coupon on website.  Spent 8$)
  • Chalkboard paint (8$) Plenty left over if anyone wants to use the rest!
  • Paint pen (package of 4 colors was 3.97)
  • Chalk (1$)
  • Wall / door
  • Hot glue gun – we had one already but can find at any local craft store for under 10$. *Michaels and Joann fabric always have coupons on their website! These are the local stores I tend to head to when shopping for craft items.

First, I brushed on 2 coats of chalkboard paint on the door. Next, I used painters tape to section off the days of the week before I used paint pen to draw permanent lines. I used packing tape to try out different spacing on the door before making the letters permanent as well. I used hot glue gun to secure the letters once I liked the arrangement.

The most important part of this project was “seasoning” the door.  Take a piece of chalk and rub vertically across the entire door then repeat in a horizontal direction.  Use a cloth and rub off.  If you skip this step and draw directly on the door you will regret it! Whatever you choose to write/draw will forever be on the door to see.

As you can see from the pic, we use our door for putting key activities and meal plans for the week.  We add info if someone is going to be out of town or has an appointment.  It has helped our household take a step in the right direction for a “command station.”  Also, you will notice the bottom part of the door is an open space for Palmer to create and design.  He tends to gravitate to that area when we are cooking meals and allows him to be close but entertained! It is perfect because it is exactly his height.  We keep a small metal container with the chalk on the counter right beside the door that he can grab when the need to create strikes!

What kinds of organization do you or your family use?




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