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Finding a baby wearing solution can be expensive, stressful, and flat out confusing. Baby wearing is a necessity for moms and having use of two hands is a must.   I realized last week that we had accumulated 4 different brands/options but none fit our need perfectly.  I was hesitant to buy another because I did not want to flush any more dollar bills down the drain.  Alas, I found our perfect solution and thought I would share the pro’s and con’s of the various options we have tried over the years!

  • Baby K’tan – Pro’s – Purchase based on sizing of mom, Affordable at 50$, 100% cotton, perfect for a newborn, no bulky pieces in between mom and baby, easy to throw in your bag and run errands, easy to put on and take off. My fave things about this wrap is that you can also use easily as a nursing cover because it looks very similar to a scarf, it is easy to breastfeed in, and you can wash.  Con’s – It does not stretch very easily so not that I have a large (Sorry Grayson but you are large) 12 week old he doesn’t get in quite as easily anymore and the heavier my little guy got it did not support him as well. By the end of a long walk or a lot of movement I was using at least 1 hand to support the wrap.  I rank this 3 stars.
  • Baby Bjorn  – Pro’s – Affordable at 50$, easy for my husband to put on, structured.  Con’s – more bulky to throw in bag, KILLS my back after 20-30 minutes, only recommended for up to 25 lbs.  This option only gets 1 star.
  • Ergo 360 – Pro’s – LOTS of back support. I can walk for hours and I am not uncomfortable and do not have any pain.  Has a hood to protect baby’s head from sun/wind, can wear on mom’s back when baby gets bigger, and an infant insert that you can purchase for newborns.  Con’s – More pricey at 160$, tricky to clip the back piece on your own, bulky to throw in a diaper bag. 5 stars.
  • Moby wrap – Pro’s – Affordable at 45$, Works for babies up to 35 lbs, can use in LOTS of positions, doubles as a great nursing cover, comfortable, 100% cotton, can wash/dry, no bulky pieces in between mom and baby.  Con’s – Hurt my back after long periods of time,  did not feel as supported compared to other choices. 2 stars.
  • Balboa baby – Pro’s – Works for infants, lightweight and easy to throw in a bag, affordable at 50$.  Con’s – No back support, I worried about the lack of neck support for baby when he was really little.  1 star.

I know there are MANY other baby wearing options that  I did not review. These are just my personal opinions, wanted to share in case you or a friend are beginning the search.  I hands down am most impressed by Ergo 360.


Good luck mama’s!!! What carriers do you love and trust?




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