Sweet tooth brownie


If someone asked me if I have a sweet tooth it would be the equivalent of asking if my name is Erin Smith.  I have refrained from all sugar, candy, ice cream, etc. since I had Grayson because I feel so much better without it. But…….this is the answer to my prayers though. This might be the easiest snack I have made yet.  It is a great sweet tooth craving and takes 90 seconds to make.  90 seconds, seriously.   My brownie has 24 grams of protein, don’t even try to tell me the brownie you bought from the grocery store last week meets that. Not a chance.  This might be the best day of my life. I apologize that my picture is missing a bite, I could not wait to take a bite after a picture. I lost all self control because of my excitement.



1.Mix together until blended smoothly.

2. Spray a microwave safe bowl with non stick cooking spray

3. Microwave 90 seconds.

Guys……. its a brownie.  It is a perfect single serving brownie. Can I get a AMEN?! image1.JPG

Thank me later,


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