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We use fractionated coconut oil A LOT in our house for cooking purposes but I wanted to share how versatile it is to use in other ways.  Being a healthy family to me is much more than food and exercise.  It is also about the products we use on our bodies and ensuring they are healthy as well.  Fractionated coconut is what it says – a fraction of coconut oil.  You can find fractionated coconut oil in soaps, ointments, lotions, cosmetics, medicine, hair care products, aromatherapy, and for cooking purposes. BORING right? Yeah yeah I know, now on to the fun stuff.   I replace coconut oil in recipes that calls for vegetable oil.   But, I also use for fun things like hand soap!

A wonderful friend Angela from It’s Essential shared a recipe with me to make at home a few months ago and I have not bought soap at the store since.  I love this and wish I had done years ago.


Once you have these ingredients, add them to the bottle in the order listed and shake.  If you have older kids with steady hands for pouring, let them help! It’s a great way to model how we can make things at home instead of buying from store and get everyone involved.   It smells amazing and makes my hands feel so soft after washing.

What do you guys use coconut oil for? Like it, love it, hate it? Would love to hear!IMG_3008.JPGxoxo



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