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Once upon a time ….aka 24 days ago…. there was a lovely mama named Erin, her husband, coworker, sister, and best friend from college. They embarked on a journey that jump started their lives in a way that no one predicted.  They were all searching for different things; more energy, more focus, lose weight, and to tone up.  Except for the husband, I don’t think that he knew what he was searching for at the beginning, he was skeptical. (Typical man…sheesh! They are from Mars).

But that skeptical husband lost 15 lbs and I lost 4 in 24 days. I would update you on inches lost but my toddler hid the measuring tape and when I ask him where put it he giggles and said “Where’d it go, mama? I don’t know” and runs away. So inches lost…coming soon.   I could go on for days what the last 24 days have done for my family, but I will just give you a quick synopsis for now:

  • Food – We ate six times a day (three meals, three snacks). The most difficult part for me was adjusting my mind frame to eating 6 times a day. I have always had ingrained in my head to count calories and skip snacks because less is better. WRONG WRONG WRONG. But, the best part is that we are teaching our boys to eat healthy and clean foods and do not miss the chips, crackers, and processed foods at all.
  • Energy – I was able to watch my husband get down on the floor and play with my son and run around with him and not hear him say “Buddy I am tired” for the first time ever. For our family, that was HUGE.  I had the energy to exercise and entertain the two boys by myself all day without feeling sluggish or wanting the day to hurry up and end.
  • Exercise – We made it a priority to move every day.  Walking, playing, parks, etc.  I used to beg my husband to come with the boys and me, and now it has become part of our daily routine, as a FAMILY.  Since we were eating good and had more energy making exercise a priority was easy and so beneficial.
  • Confidence – My husband can fit in shorts now that he has not been able to button in years.  Being able to put on clothes and feel good in your skin is priceless.
  • Finances – We are meal prepping and planning ahead which leads to not eating out and not stopping at convenience stores for snacks/coffee.  We have a plan for the grocery store and are not randomly grabbing items as we head through the aisles.  This saved our family 80$ a week.  80 dollars a week for us is a lot of money and allows us to put towards other things that we need or paying down debts!

When I was talking to my fellow challengers, we all agreed that in the last 24 days we had begun new lifestyles.  New habits and new choices that will lead to years and lifetimes of health and happiness.  The challenge was not restrictive or demanding in the sense that it would be unable to be maintained.  No one had concerns about continuing to implement the things they started. I am so proud and so thankful that these wonderful people in my life joined me on this journey. I am ready to pay this forward and help enrich someone else’s life in the way these changes have for us.

I write all of this to remind you that there is no better time than now to take action. What are you waiting for? Why not now?  Don’t let another week or month or year pass you by from accomplishing your goals and dreams. 

P.S.  I have attached my picture from today after we completed our challenge.  I am 8 weeks postpartum with baby 2.  Is my body perfect? No.  Do I have things I would like to work on? OF COURSE.  But, for me, it’s time to step out of my comfort zone.  I would have never in a million years even entertained the idea of posting this picture for others to see before. But, if it means that one mama or friend or family member or someone sees this and realizes that if I can do it, they can do it then I am accomplishing what I set out to do.  




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