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HUMP DAY!  Do you have hungry people in your house to feed?  I know a lot of my fellow mom friends have been discussing the massive amount of food that their children have been consuming while home this summer.  Instead of gummy snacks, chips, crackers, and processed foods – try something different.  Clean, fresh foods will leave them feeling more full and a better example of the types of foods that we want to fuel our bodies with.

Here are the top 3 snacks we are diggin’ at our house right now.  Best of all, my toddler can even help me assemble which is always fun!

First, Rice cake with almond butter and bananas!  He can help spread the peanut butter with a plastic knife and we use the banana slices to make a smiley face.  He thinks this is quite funny and it gives an opportunity to talk about eyes, nose, and mouth while we are creating.  Anything you do can be turned into a learning tool if you frame it that way.

Second, apple slices with almond butter and chocolate morsels. This one is an all time fave.  I slice the apples thinly and again have my handy helper add peanut butter and drop the chocolate morsels on top.  We often make letters or numbers with the morsels on his! Its a great and easy way to meet a sweet tooth craving as well.

Last, my favorite is protein ball.  Take two Meal Replacement Shake packets, 1 cup of almond/peanut butter, 1 cup of old fashioned oats, and 1 tbsp of honey. Mix it together and roll into balls.  My helper thought this was the most fun because we got a little messy. These will leave you feeling full long after snack and are an easy option for on the go trips/errands.



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