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Every morning when I walk with the boys there is an older gentleman who is running. We always swap “Good Morning’s and Have a great day’s” and keep moving.  I am always impressed by him and he motivates me to keep going even when I am tired because he appears to be at least 65-70 and is in awesome shape. The boys always fall asleep during our walks and its often the most quiet and relaxing time of my day where I can think, plan, and reflect.  This morning was a little different and it touched my heart so much.

My running friend stopped this morning and asked how old the boys are.  I told him that Palmer would be 2 1/2 next week and Grayson just turned 8 weeks old. He said “I am always impressed by you getting up and getting them out here even when it’s hot.  Keep going, you are doing great.”  I smiled and laughed because it had never occurred to me that he had any thoughts about my family in the morning as I was thinking about him.  I told him I appreciated that and he responded by saying “I remember when my daughter was so small I could hold her with one arm. She is 46 now and lives out of state.  I miss those days more than you will ever know. Please enjoy every second like you are doing now.”  Then he continued his run.  What he probably doesn’t know is that I spent the rest of my walk home misty eyed and crying.  He has no idea how true that rang in my heart and how much that meant to me as I am wrapping up my last week of maternity leave with baby Grayson.

Time is precious.  Maybe you are reading this thinking that the days are hard and long. You might count down the seconds until bed time. Maybe your kids were rambunctious or you didn’t finish a project at work yesterday.  Maybe you are so busy focusing on what is 5 years down the road or 10 years down the road that you forget to enjoy today. Maybe you are a young parent and you are so caught up in the messy fingers, dirty home, and diapers that you forget that like my running friend reminded me – one day those babies will grow up and go out on their own.

I have a quote on my mantle that I read at least 15 times a day – Enjoy the little things in life, because one day you will look back and realize they were the big things.  No matter how long the days are I treasure every cry for mama, every need for snuggle, and every mess that is made. Because I love these crazy, wild, unpredictable moments.  For one day, my babies will grow up and leave me too.  And when that happens I will know that I can look back and remember that I treasured every single second and created loving, nurturing moments that we will all remember long after this season of life has passed.





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