Breakfast of Champions


IMG_20170710_082441.jpgLately, I have been hitting home runs with breakfast in the Smith household.  When I am onto something good, I can not keep it to myself! I will just go ahead and say you are welcome right now.  It is THAT good.

Does anyone else have a child with bizarre food requests? Some days it’s only acceptable to eat strawberries and string cheese. For every meal. Nothing else will do.  But, if you suggest strawberries the next day, those are gross, and the mere suggestion leads to a massive meltdown.  So, when Palmer wakes up and asks me for pancakes, I get moving.  I drank my watermelon Spark and snapped into action. I could not miss this window of opportunity because pancakes are my absolute favorite breakfast of all time.


Mix the above ingredients and pour into a nonstick skillet.  Flip once then bubbles are gone.  Easy peasy guys.  Check out this picture, but I do not recommend looking when you are hungry. You will begin to salivate.



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