Do you have an Instant Pot?  If not, jump on the bandwagon.  You can cook an entire dinner in 5 minutes.  It’s a wonderful convenience item for busy working families or stay at home moms without a lot of extra time to plan ahead.  We rely on ours for survival and I rounded up 10 easy instant pot chicken recipes for you to try!

Best Instant Pot Chicken Breast  –  This is such a great starting point for cooking chicken in the instant pot from Recipes from a Pantry and serves as a basis for many other recipes.

BBQ Chicken Meatballs – 3 ingredients.  Are you kidding me?! Super simple and DELISH!

10 easy instant pot chicken recipes

Chicken Adobo – YUM! Minimal ingredients and simple to execute.  We love Filipino food, and the Filipino Festival in RVA each summer is one of our favorite events to go to with friends.

10 easy instant pot chicken recipes

Chicken Quinoa Bowls  –   These are a great Chipotle knock off and will save you so much money cooking at home!

10 easy instant pot chicken recipesChicken and Broccoli – This is a staple at my house.  I typically make a few servings of this to have ready to heat up during the week to fuel my body while on the go with the kiddos.

10 easy instant pot chicken recipes

Easy Instant Pot Chicken Tortilla Soup –  Love a good and easy soup to have ready for a chilly winter day.  This one is sure to please!10 easy instant pot chicken recipes

Ginger Lime Chicken Lettuce Wraps  –  Lettuce wraps are a FAVE of mine.  Light yet filling.  These are a must add to your meal list.

10 easy instant pot chicken recipes

Spicy Honey Instant Pot Chicken  – 4 minutes to cook and a perfect at home version of a favorite Chinese dish.  I left out the sriracha because I stay away from spicy items when breastfeeding (and because I am a wimp!).  Trade in the white rice for brown for a healthier option.

10 easy instant pot chicken recipes

Chicken Thighs With Risotto – Can’t go wrong with this recipe that is created from items you likely already have on hand.  Classic and easy recipe to keep on the weeknight rotation.

10 easy instant pot chicken recipes

What is your favorite instant pot recipe using chicken?

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36 thoughts on “10 Easy Instant Pot Chicken Recipes

  1. These recipes all look so good! I really need to use my instant pot more. It truly does save time and make life more simple. 😀

    1. Its the only way I get dinner on the table some nights. ANything else is way too long and complicated!

  2. I’ve always wanted an Instant Pot – I’m showing this line-up of recipes to my husband. I think I’ll end up getting that Instant Post sooner than later. Love the risotto + chicken recipe!

    1. Oh its a must. Seriously Margaret. We got ours from Target, they have great sales if you watch them! A few weeks ago it was 20$ off!

  3. I’m starting to think I should’ve asked for an instant pot rather than a crockpot for my wedding! These recipes sound fantastic!

  4. I love my Instant Pot, I have got to try these out. The chicken dishes are my favorite to make in my IP

  5. I need these in my life right now! We’ve been trying to cook more instant pot food to save time!

  6. These recipes all sound amazing!! I am always on the hunt for great insta pot recipes that my family will enjoy. 🙂

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