Walmart Women’s Shoe Finds

August 11, 2019 | Fashion

Have you been to the shoe section of your local Walmart lately? You should head there soon because there are some amazing Walmart women's shoe finds in store and then explored online to find some AMAZING shoes at a great price! Ruffle Mule Flats - 34$ These Brinley Co. Womens Ruffle Mule Flats come in 5 colors and are all adorable. I am ALL OVER the Chartreuse color though and these are totally in my cart right now. Leopard Flats - 25$ I'm a sucker for Leopard print and these shoes are no exception, especially at this price point. These...

Finding a great book about Kindergarten

August 5, 2019 | Family

Its finally here - my oldest baby is heading to Kindergarten. We are all thrilled and ready to enter a new chapter as a family with a kiddo in BIG KID SCHOOL (as we call it at our house!) School supplies, backpack/lunch box, shoes and clothes are purchased and the last few weeks of summer are upon us. Read every evening is a key part of our day and I have rounded up some great options for finding a book about Kindergarten. The Night Before Kindergarten To the tune of Twas the Night before Christmas this book about Kindergarten is...

Fitness and Kids: Youth Sports

August 1, 2019 | Fitness

Introducing health and fitness into a child's life early on is important for forming habits that will carry them into adulthood. Laying a strong foundation of healthy food intake and being active from an early age sets it up as a lifestyle.  A great way to introduce being active for a child is involvement in youth sports.  How do you know if your child is ready? They are ready when they express interest on their own.  They will ask about playing or request to be signed up.  They get excited when the sport is mentioned. Children tend to have the...